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Water-wise tip: Get on drip

Traditional spray sprinklers may work fine for lawns, but aren’t efficient for shrubs, trees and other landscaping. Convert your irrigation to drip and put water where those plants can use it most – at the roots.

Learn how to make the switch at “Drip Irrigation Basics: A Workshop for Home Landscapers and Gardeners.” Set for 9 a.m. Nov. 7, this free workshop is offered by the UC Cooperative Extension, the Regional Water Authority’s “Be Water Smart” Program, the city of Sacramento and the UC Davis Center for Urban Horticulture.

The workshop will be held at Pannell Community Center, 2450 Meadowview Road, Sacramento. Advance registration is required. The deadline is Tuesday, Nov. 3. Sign up at http://ccuh.ucdavis.edu.

Among the topics to be covered will be the types of drip systems available – including tubing, fittings and emitters – and how to retrofit existing lawn sprinklers for landscape plantings.

Debbie Arrington