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Hints From Heloise: Rolling ice chest does double duty

DEAR HELOISE: We have three children and like to take short trips with them. To save money and curb early morning crankiness, here is what we do: We use a rolling ice chest as a piece of luggage. After unpacking, we take a trip to the grocery store. We get milk, juice, cereal, yogurt, fruit, etc. We eat breakfast in the room. My husband and I get our coffee, the kids get fed, plus it's cheaper and quicker than breakfast for five!

Bob and Christy B., via email

DEAR BOB AND CHRISTY: A great saver of money, time and frustration! Add lunch items, paper plates, etc., and lunch can be quick and cheap, too.

DEAR HELOISE: Do you have hints for preventing rust rings left by shaving-cream cans? I am tired of scrubbing them off the bathtub and medicine-cabinet shelves.

Leslie B., Eva, Ala.

DEAR LESLIE: I’m with you. Why work to scrub them off if you can prevent them in the first place? There are a few things to use: a koozie (the foam soft-drink-can holder), or you can slip a plastic lid from margarine or cottage cheese under the can.

DEAR HELOISE: Here is my hint for a quick centerpiece for the holidays: Use a few short wineglasses, turn them upside down and place a small candle on top, or a “flameless” one for safety. Put a pretty ornament, small pine cone, sprig of holly, etc., inside the glass. Group several for a centerpiece, on a side table or in a windowsill. I’ve done this especially when our budget was tight.

Shelly J., via email

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