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Hints From Heloise: Those old National Geographics can be used elsewhere

DEAR READERS: Here are some of your responses to a past column about how to recycle or donate old National Geographic magazines. This topic must have hit home with many of you. Here goes:

▪  Jill Wilson, via email, wrote: “Artists across the U.S. are looking for old National Geographics to use in making abstract paintings. The magazines are difficult to locate and would be of great use to crafts organizations or children’s programs.”

▪  Betsy Creamer, via email, wrote: “Please consider veterans hospitals. They love them. We took 40 years’ worth and were met at the door eagerly.”

▪  Jan in California wrote: “I have seen old National Geographic magazines for sale in antiques shops.”

▪  Al Bayless in Kihei, Hawaii, wrote: “I give them to a doctor or dentist to put in the waiting room. I once asked a doctor why he didn’t subscribe to it for his office. He said, ‘Because they are stolen so quickly.’ So, please donate them.”


DEAR HELOISE: Make sure you check your boots, galoshes, etc., before you put them on your feet. Spiders and other insects could have made their homes in there. Spray them first with a bug spray. Insect bites can be very painful.

Bob Choolijian,

Plaistow, N.H.

DEAR HELOISE: I love this time of year, when the holidays have come to an end but there are plenty of leftover candy canes. I use them to stir my coffee and tea for an added hint of mint.

Jerry H. in Colorado

This is a resourceful way to use leftover holiday candy. As a coffee and tea drinker, I like to add a pinch of nutmeg, candies or cremes for different flavors throughout the year.


DEAR HELOISE: I enjoy entertaining. Before my guests arrive, I put fresh rolls of toilet paper in each bathroom so that I do not have to deal with that common problem.

Anita N., via email

Anita, a good hint that I use myself. Put a fresh roll on, and store the half-roll under the bathroom sink.


DEAR HELOISE: Save your empty paper-towel rolls to wind up the Christmas tree lights on. No tangles.

Susan in Huntington Beach

DEAR HELOISE: I have a bad neck, which is made worse by foam pillows. When traveling, I pack a down vest, which is light and compact. I insert it into a pillowcase for a nice down “pillow.” It does double service and alleviates that “pain in the neck”!

Lauren J., Tustin

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