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Hints From Heloise: Flip the can to solve flip-top problem

DEAR READERS: Today’s sound off is about flip-top cans. A reader wrote: “I don’t have the strength in my hands to pull flip-top cans open.

“To make matters worse, these cans cannot be opened with a can opener. The rims of the cans are too high for a can opener to open. There’s not a can out there, from fruit to nuts, that doesn’t have this type of lid.

“I know you reach a million readers, and someone from one of these companies will see it. I have called the customer-service number on each can. Their response was they would pass it on. So, that’s it. I hope you can get the word out.”

Jeri B., San Angelo, Texas

DEAR JERI: There’s an inexpensive gadget you can buy to help you and others (including me!) get these darned lids off. It’s a ring-pull opener and is designed specifically for flip-tops. It takes the stress off the hands. Also, do look closely at the bottom of the cans – many can be opened with a can opener on the bottom.

DEAR HELOISE: Did you know that if you have extra condiments on your table at a restaurant and leave them behind for other patrons, the workers just throw them away? So here's what I do:

I take all extra condiments home and store them properly. Then when we go on a picnic or beach outing, we take them along. They take up less space in our food basket than whole jars of ketchup and mustard, shakers, etc.

Darla R., via email

DEAR READERS: Here is a short list of easy and inexpensive gifts that anyone, especially seniors, will appreciate:

1. The gift of your time.

2. A picture collage of multiple family members.

3. A good letter or a simple greeting card that they can cherish always.

4. A meal at their favorite restaurant, or bring them a meal from there.

5. Take them with you when visiting other family members

DEAR HELOISE: I visit a memorial area where my wife’s ashes are scattered, and I take flowers. I take a cordless drill, drill holes into the ground and place the flowers in the holes in the ground. Works fine, and the flowers stay put.

Mr. William B., Dayton, Ohio

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