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Hints From Heloise: Old door doubles as desk

DEAR HELOISE: I needed an inexpensive work area, so I took an old wooden-type door, removed the doorknob and placed it on top of two sturdy, two-drawer file cabinets.

The hole in the door where the knob was is toward the back, and it accommodates electrical cords from my computer, phone, lamp, chargers, etc. There is a power strip on the floor for the electrical cords.

The file cabinets, which are on opposite ends of the door, give me a place to store my work. The work space is immense, too.

James, via email

DEAR JAMES: This is a great hint for anyone, and perfect (low or no cost) for college students, a spare room or a garage. Cheap and easy to take apart.

DEAR HELOISE: In response to your plug for our public libraries, my husband and I check out CD books to listen to as we travel. What a joy to hear a book on our way to visit family.

Sharon and Mel B.,

Fulton, Miss.

DEAR HELOISE: When my clothes are slightly wrinkled and I don’t have time to iron them, I put them in my dryer with a wet microfiber cloth and let them tumble for a few minutes.

I do this on mornings when I am getting ready for work rather than take time to iron the garment. If it’s really wrinkled, then yes, I iron it.

Judy Z., via email

DEAR READERS: When you grill something that cooks for a short time, like fish, have portions of another meat ready to cook. Put some potatoes on the grill, and you have a meal for the next night.

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