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Hints From Heloise: Never mix up your ceiling fan chains

DEAR HELOISE: I’ve read a few hints in our paper about knowing the difference between the pull chains on ceiling fans. I have ceiling fans in my house, and remembering which chain turns on the fan and which one turns on the light often escaped me. So here’s my hint:

First, I added extra chains to each pull chain so that I could reach them comfortably without help. Secondly, I made the light chain longer than the fan chain.

This helps me remember that the “Long chain is the Light chain,” L for L. Works for me.

Teresa P. in Houston

DEAR HELOISE: When my husband and I travel, I will “cross-pack” our clothes. I put half of my clothes and half of my husband’s clothes in each suitcase and one change for us in each carry-on.

Then I make a list of everything in each bag so that locating something is easy. The lists go in each carry-on. If luggage comes up missing, everything is documented for the airline.

It takes a little more time to do this, but when our bags leave our possession, I know that we will have some clothes to wear should our luggage get lost.

R.T. in Texas

DEAR HELOISE: When we built our cabin on the lake, I didn’t want to purchase a new king-size headboard. I bought a damaged one at a charity donation retail store and upholstered it.

When I was ready to tuft it (a decorative way of securing padding or material to hold the padding in place), I decided to use white waxed dental floss. This floss worked really well because it didn’t slip when I tied the knot in the back. I could even tie it once, walk around to see if it was right and then go back to finish tying it.

Jacque G. in Texas

DEAR HELOISE: When I want to weigh my baby, I jump on the scale and weigh myself first. Then I hold my baby and weigh again. By subtracting the new weight from my original weight, I am able to determine my baby’s weight.

Mary H. in San Antonio

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