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Water-Wise Tip: Low-flow the way to go

This is part of a weekly feature in Home & Garden, highlighting ways residents can save water.

▪  Consider installing a low-flow toilet.

Your toilet accounts for about 25 percent of your indoor water use. Why not let it help you save every time you flush? When toilet shopping, look for the WaterSense label. It certifies that the fixture met rigorous standards for performance as well as efficiency. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, these WaterSense models are 20 to 60 percent more efficient than your old toilet and use only 1.28 gallons – or less – per flush. The EPA estimates that a typical family of four could save 13,000 gallons per year – and $110 in water costs – by installing WaterSense toilets. Need more incentive? Several local water agencies offer rebates for installation of WaterSense toilets. Check with your local agency about potential rebates before purchase.

For more tips, visit www.bewatersmart.info/.

Debbie Arrington