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Hints From Heloise: ‘People food’ cats may like – in moderation

DEAR HELOISE: I read your article about dog treats in the Amarillo (Texas) Globe-News. What about cats? Do you have any suggestions about treats for them? The only people food we’ve found that our tom likes seems to be ham.

Terry in Amarillo, Texas

DEAR TERRY: Terry, you’re right! I did not mean to slight our feline friends. Some “human food,” within reason, is a nice treat. When you have chicken, cut off small pieces and then treat your cat – just a few little nibbles at a time. And what cat wouldn’t love a treat or two of tuna?

Do also check a pet-supply store. Most carry cat grass seed. The directions on the packaging explain how to sprout cat grass. Seeing sprouts? Move the container to a sunny spot and mist. When it’s 2-3 inches tall, present it to your cat and see what happens.

Even though your cat likes ham, it probably is very rich and high in sodium for a cat to ingest. Remember, these furry friends don’t drink much water. Check what your veterinarian suggests. It might take time to find the right treat.

DEAR HELOISE: First, let me say that I read your column in the Orange County Register and really enjoy it! My hint is: If you have a broken fingernail that needs fixing, you can use instant glue, then cover it with nail polish. Right now, my badly broken nail has been protected for three weeks.

Sue D., Costa Mesa

DEAR SUE: Yep, I’ve done this forever! Do note that one or two drops is better than a big glob of glue.

DEAR HELOISE: When I’m frying a lot of hamburgers, I put a hole in the center of the patty – like a doughnut. It will fry faster and more evenly. I put a slice of cheese and some ketchup on each patty, then it goes into a hamburger bun and I freeze them for later.

Ann K., Jackson, Mich.

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