Roseville police animal control, vet, SPCA, DA help once emaciated dog

One year ago she was skin and bones, a dog nearly starved to death by her owner, but today Lola has regained her health and has been adopted.

A Roseville citizen first noticed the neighbor’s emaciated dog. The animal was seriously underweight so the good Samaritan called Roseville police. A Roseville Police Department animal control officer checked on the dog, which had open wounds on her neck and appeared very ill.

The police animal control officer seized the animal and brought her to Atlantic Street Veterinary Hospital Pet Emergency Center for treatment.

“She was severely emaciated and her neck was swollen due to open wounds,” said Nicole Orlando with Atlantic Street Veterinary Hospital. “Despite all of her suffering, she was full of love and wagging her tail.”

The dog known as Lola weighed only 30 pounds. Her ribs, vertebrae and hip bones were clearly visible.

After a week at the veterinary hospital, she was transferred to Placer Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. There, she was placed on a strict feeding regimen to allow slow weight gain, according to a SPCA press release.

After several months, Lola weighed 68 pounds.

She remained in the care of the SPCA until she was cleared for adoption in February. On Thursday, the organization shared before and after pictures of the pooch.

Roseville police animal control officers prepared the cruelty case against Lola’s owner and worked along with the SPCA and the Placer County District Attorney’s Office to “hold her owner legally responsible and protect future animals in the community,” according to the press release.

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