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‘A Dog’s Way Home’ is worth a tail wag

The "Homeward Bound" movies of the early '90s solidified the family film subgenre of cross-country adventures by lovable, anthropomorphized pets. The latest entry, "A Dog's Way Home," doesn't do anything new with the formula, but it does deliver exactly what it promises – a movie that's cute, with just enough tension to not scare youngsters.


Important facts about your dog and frostbite

With temperatures plunging into single digits in some parts of the country, it's important to keep in mind that our dogs are affected by the cold weather just as we are. Even though some dogs have been bred to pull sleds for hundreds of frozen miles, most should stay indoors in extreme temperatures.


Dispelling some common myths about dogs

There are many myths about our pets, and several are so old that they have become accepted as fact. While some of these myths are harmless, others are filled with misinformation about a dog's care, temperament, behavior or intelligence.

Check out this week’s featured adoptable pets

All of these dogs and cats are available for adoption through Front Street Animal Shelter in Sacramento, CA.