Sacramento County animal shelter works to boost number of animals released to homes

Sacramento County’s Bradshaw Animal Shelter announced the launch of a new Wellness Program aimed at increasing care of its animals and supporting those who adopt them, with the goal of releasing at least 90 percent of its animals to homes.

As 2018 begins, the shelter is coming off of three consecutive months of high live-release rates – 83 percent for October, 87 percent for November and 91 percent for December, according to a county news release. The Wellness Program is designed to help reach and maintain a consistent live-release rate of 90 percent or better.

The program includes comprehensive behavior evaluation and rehabilitation for animals if needed; medical care, special surgery and spay/neuter services; foster care and animal rescue resources; and an animal socialization team. It will use social media and community outreach, community events, and advertising and marketing to promote animal adoptions, and provide in-depth adoption counseling and follow-up support, according to the news release.

Janna Haynes, a spokeswoman for Sacramento County Animal County Care and Regulation, said the various pieces of the program have been in place for some time, but staff members are now being assigned particular tasks to better coordinate care. Assigning some people specifically to evaluate and socialize animals, for example, will allow them to become more familiar with individual animals and their needs.

The shelter is working to fill a new position of foster resource coordinator, and an additional animal-care attendant will be hired as part of the program, Haynes said.

“We are very proud of the results we have achieved in recent months,” Director Dave Dickinson said in a written statement. “The new Wellness Program will only increase our ability to service the animals of Sacramento County. We are grateful to the residents of Sacramento County and surrounding regions for continuing to support our efforts.”

Fore more information about the Bradshaw Animal Shelter, adoptable pets, and lost and found pets, see the Sacramento County Animal Care and Regulation website,

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