She flew home heartbroken over her missing dog. Days later, he was found in Folsom

A Southwest Airlines employee plans to accompany Cassie on the flight to Dallas Love Field on Thursday.
A Southwest Airlines employee plans to accompany Cassie on the flight to Dallas Love Field on Thursday. Miriam Humphries

An Alabama woman can thank the Folsom community for reuniting her with her beloved pup.

Miriam Humphries, 66, and her shih tzu mix, Cassie, flew from Birmingham, Ala., in late December to spend 2 1/2 weeks with Humphries’ brother Roy Bishop and his family in Folsom. The 13-pound mutt had a ball running around Bishop’s fenced-in backyard with his dog, Rex, and begging for Christmas treats from anyone who caught her pleading eyes.

But on the day of their departure, Humphries walked outside to find Cassie missing with no collar or microchip. She searched the neighborhood top to bottom, but eventually had to leave or risk missing her flight.

“It was a very long, arduous trip on the way back from Folsom,” Humphries said. “The apartment was very cold, it was very empty. I talked a lot to the Lord. I begged and pleaded and cried for to him to please bring my baby back.”

Humphries wasn’t the only person who felt attached to Cassie. The dog caught Folsom resident DeAnn Wren’s eye as she browsed the Sacramento SPCA’s website, and she kept refreshing the page during Cassie’s stay at the shelter, hoping to see her adopted by a loving family.

When someone posted Cassie’s PawBoost profile – used to publicize missing pets – to a Facebook group of Folsom animal lovers, Wren immediately knew it was the same pooch. The phone number listed on Cassie’s page connected Wren with Humphries, who sent Bishop over to readopt Cassie as soon as the shelter opened Jan. 10.

Southwest Airlines flight attendant Krista Jeske has volunteered to accompany Cassie on a trip to Dallas Love Field on Thursday, and Wren and other good Samaritans scraped together $95 to pay for Cassie’s in-cabin pet fee. Humphries has a ticket to fly into the Southwest headquarters on the same day and bring home her canine companion.

“It’s just amazing how people are trying to help out to get this dog home, and none of us even know (Humphries),” Wren said. “We just know it’s sad to see them suffer, and she’s so lost without her dog.”

As for Humphries, she’s already talked to a veterinarian about implanting a microchip in Cassie when they get home. They’re still planning to come out to Folsom again next year, but Humphries won’t let Cassie out of her sight in the backyard.

“Trust me, I do not want to go through this again,” Humphries said. “And I’m sure Cassie wonders what she did to have her go through this.”

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