A tiny kitten was found dangling from a fence. Sac SPCA says she’s earned her new name

A tiny kitten found herself in quite the predicament recently, but she’s in good hands now.

The 2-month-old kitten – now named Furiosa – was stuck in a chain-link fence, hanging upside-down – apparently for several days, according to Sarah Varanini, public relations and social media specialist with the Sacramento SPCA.

Some good Samaritans heard her meows for a few days before they were able to find her, after which they brought her to the Sacramento SPCA on Jan. 16.

One of her hind legs was severely injured with a deep laceration, and she rubbed raw and mangled her paws in attempts to escape, according to Varanini.

She potentially has nerve damage in her rear paws as she walks around dragging them.

After the shelter’s medical team ruled out broken bones through X-rays, the kitten started antibiotics and moved into a foster home.

She’s starting water therapy as well to help heal her paws and legs.

She earned the name Furiosa as she’s fierce – and friendly – and thriving despite her injuries. Furiosa is a heroine in “Mad Max” with a robotic arm.

Varanini reports the kitten probably won’t be available to adopt for at least a few weeks.

“It’s hard not to love her, she’s so spunky and sweet!” Varanini said.

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