‘Help us’: Dogs housed in cat rooms at one Sacramento shelter; another is ‘crazy full’

Meet some of the many pups at overcrowded Bradshaw shelter

"Our dog kennels are overflowing! (Literally, there are dogs in our cat rooms!)," said Sacramento County's Bradshaw Animal Shelter on Wednesday, Jan. 24. It is seeking fosters and adopters.
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"Our dog kennels are overflowing! (Literally, there are dogs in our cat rooms!)," said Sacramento County's Bradshaw Animal Shelter on Wednesday, Jan. 24. It is seeking fosters and adopters.

Sacramento’s county and city animal shelters are “bursting” with dogs, they announced on Facebook.

At the county’s Bradshaw Animal Shelter, 3839 Bradshaw Road, there are so many dogs that multiple small ones are being housed in cat habitats.

“I’m in one of the cat rooms with seven small dogs right now,” Janna Haynes, communication and media officer at Bradshaw, told The Sacramento Bee.

“Help us help our dogs! Adopt. Foster. Tell everyone,” the shelter said in a Facebook post.

At the city’s Front Street Animal Shelter, 2127 Front St., the dog kennels are “crazy full,” the shelter said.

"Our shelter is crazy full," Front Street Animal Shelter says. It's holding a free adoption special through the end of this week.

“We hope you’ll spread the word to save lives!” Front Street said on Facebook.

Both shelters are in major need of adopters and fosters, and PB SOC, a group that socializes large dogs at Bradshaw, posted its own plea:


***Help!***FOSTER OR ADOPT!The shelter is beyond capacity and we are out of large dog kennels. We urgently need adopters and fosters. Now.$10 ADOPTIONSYour adoption fee is just $10 when you participate in our online adoption counseling for approval. All dogs in our program are playgroup tested, we offer meet and greets with your current dog, and we will ALWAYS be here with post adoption behavioral support. We even offer a FREE training at the shelter!What kind of dog are you looking for? We have seasoned seniors, active youngsters (and some lazy ones), running buddies, water dogs, short stacks, giant lap dogs, gentle players and rowdy ones... whether you want to open your home to one of them as a foster provider or make them a permanent member of your family, our counselors can help find the right dog for YOU. WANNA FOSTER? Email us at to get started! RATHER ADOPT? Visit our website at to check out our available dogs. If you see one that catches their eye, read their bios and watch their videos... if you think they might fit with your family, submit your application to start the counseling process (link on the bottom of each dog's webpage). Too many dogs to choose from? That's fine! Our counselors are pros at match making!PLEASE HELP! Foster, adopt, share, tag...#pbsoc #wherealldogsmatter #findlove

Posted by PB SOC on Wednesday, January 24, 2018

In the past, Bradshaw cited three main issues contributing to overcrowding at the shelter: people viewing pets as disposable; pets lacking microchips or not being confined effectively; and a lack of spaying and neutering, which increases the population of animals without homes.

Bradshaw is offering $25 adoptions. (Typical adoption fees for dogs are from $121-$147.) See available animals here and here. Learn more about fostering here.

Front Street is offering free dog adoptions through Sunday. View available dogs here. Find out more about fostering here.

Shelter info

Bradshaw Animal Shelter

Location: 3839 Bradshaw Road, Sacramento

Hours: Closed Mondays, 12:30-6:30 p.m. Tuesdays, 12:30-5:30 p.m. Wednesdays, 12:30-6:30 p.m. Thursdays, 12:30-5:30 p.m. Fridays, 12-4:30 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays

Contact: Website, Facebook page, large-dog adoptables page, 916-368-7387

Front Street Animal Shelter

Location: 2127 Front St., Sacramento

Hours: Closed Mondays, closed Tuesdays, 12-5 p.m. Wednesdays-Sundays

Contact: Website, Facebook page, 916-808-7387