Oak Park Brewing Company will shut its doors after four years

A copper-clad door with porthole leads to the brewery at Oak Park Brewing Co.
A copper-clad door with porthole leads to the brewery at Oak Park Brewing Co.

Oak Park Brewing Company announced Tuesday that it will close for good this weekend after almost four years of serving beer lovers in the Sacramento area.

“It is with a heavy heart that we must say goodbye. Oak Park Brewing Co. will close (its) doors for the last time Sunday night,” the brewery said Tuesday afternoon on its Facebook page. “Until then come help us drain these serving tanks and kegs. We ask that you understand we will be functioning as cash only during these last few days.”

Oak Park Brewing opened at the end of 2014 and is located at 3514 Broadway.

The announcement comes two months after the brewery was temporarily shut down in May after Sacramento County health inspectors found cockroaches, weevils and dead rodents on multiple visits to the brewery and kitchen.

An inspector found more than 60 dead or alive German cockroaches, roughly half of which were around the brewing equipment. An undisclosed number of dead Oriental cockroaches — darker, shinier and slightly larger than their German cousins — were also found on glue traps in the kitchen and both front and back brewing areas.

The brewery was closed for three days from May 18-20 before getting clearance from the county to reopen.

It subsequently passed a June 27 inspection with no vermin observed in the kitchen or bar, according to an inspection report.

No reason was given Tuesday for Oak Park Brewing’s sudden decision to shut for good. Restaurant staff did not answer the phone Tuesday afternoon.

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