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Hail, lightning hit Sacramento during Monday afternoon storm

Hail blanketed much of the Sacramento region Monday afternoon during a storm that created slippery roads and walkways, and also resulted in lightning-caused power outages.

What may have looked like snow in some areas was actually tiny hail, said Courtney Obergefell, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service. The hail began in West Sacramento and moved eastward along the Interstate 80 and Highway 50 corridors. As of 2:45 p.m., it was reported in the Carmichael and Elk Grover areas, she said.

The last time snow, rather than hail, was recorded in Sacramento was in December 2009, Obergefell, said.

Lightning caused several power outages in the Sacramento Municipal Utility District. Most were of short duration, said Jonathon Tudor, SMUD spokesman. Typically, he said, lightning trips a breaker, causing the outage, and power is then automatically restored. Lightning-caused outages were confirmed in several area, including Elk Grove, he said.

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