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Get it while you can: Sacramento gas prices fall again before state gas tax takes effect

Gas prices in Sacramento fell again as per-gallon prices in the area continue to decline before a California gas tax takes effect next week.

Since last week, the cost of a gallon of regular gas in Sacramento has fallen 5.6 cents, bringing the average price down to $3.67 per gallon, according to fuel price tracker GasBuddy.

Current local prices are 28.7 cents lower than they were one month ago, but are 10.2 cents higher than one year ago, according to GasBuddy.

Starting next month, gas prices in California will increase as a statewide wide gas tax of 5.6 cents is set to take effect, so anticipate a little bump at the pump.

But for now, gas in town can still be found pretty cheap. As of Monday, the best Sacramento gas stations to fill up at are the Bonfare Market at 3120 Northgate Blvd. or the Snacks & Gas and 76 Station at 2199 El Camino Ave., where a gallon of regular gas costs $3.09, according to GasBuddy.

The average price for a gallon of gas in Stockton is $3.56, while in Modesto a gallon costs $3.65. Oakland’s average costs are higher at $3.81 for a gallon, according to GasBuddy.

The statewide average is $3.75 per gallon, down 6 cents from last week, but prices in Sacramento County are a bit lower with an average cost of $3.71 per gallon, according to AAA.

Elsewhere in the region, gas prices are somewhat steeper. Yolo County is averaging $3.84 per gallon, Placer County is averaging $3.81 and El Dorado County is averaging $3.89, according to AAA.

The costliest gas in California can be found in Mono County, where gas is averaging $4.74 per gallon, while the cheapest gas in the state can be found in Imperial County, where gas is averaging $3.65 per gallon, according to AAA.

Nationally, the average cost of a gallon of gas is $2.65, down 2.5 cents from last week, down 19.2 cents from last month and down 18.7 cents from last year, according to GasBuddy.

“For the seventh straight week, the national average price of gasoline has fallen, to a level last seen in March,” GasBuddy head of petroleum analysis Patrick DeHaan said in a news release.

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