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Roseville-based Sunworks to build $800,000 solar array at San Luis Obispo County ranch

Sunworks, a Roseville-based solar energy company, announced this week it will be building a $800,000 photovoltaic array on a nearly 150-year-old ranch in San Luis Obispo County.

Construction of the 416-kilowatt ground-mounted solar power system at the Avenales Cattle Co.’s Shandon ranch is planned for late this year, according to a news release issued by Sunworks.

“Delivering solar projects that yield long-term savings, tax benefits, and near-zero electricity rates for farms, orchards, ranches and dairy producers has been a fundamental part of our business since inception,” Sunworks CEO Chuck Cargile said in a prepared statement. “This project will lower operating costs for the Avenales Cattle Company while optimizing crucial real estate and powering feedlot operations that are mission critical.”

The Avenales Ranch was founded in 1875 by the Sinton family, who work in agriculture and winemaking.

“Our family has been raising cattle for nearly 150 years. Rising electricity costs are increasingly impacting our operations,” Avenales Cattle Co. owner Steve Sinton said in a prepared statement. “Partnering with a full-service organization like Sunworks allows us to outsource this project from start to finish while we focus on our operations.”

Sunworks has installed solar panels for homes in the Sacramento area, Northern California schools and Central Valley farms, among others.

Starting in 2020, California will require new homes to be built with solar panels on their roofs.

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