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This sustainable Monterey mansion keeps you in luxurious comfort if you must go off the grid

An estate for sale in Monterey County offers not only luxury, privacy and superb craftsmanship, but the 10-acre plot also can sustain itself indefinitely in case of an emergency.

The home at 14501 Roland Canyon Road in Salinas is equipped with a collection of state-of-the-art water, power generation and storage systems for off-grid operation.

The 6,330-square-foot Mediterranean-style mansion, nestled in an extremely private setting under castle rock formations, is listed for $3.6 million.

The compound has five bedrooms, five bathrooms and a guesthouse. Throughout the house, doors open to courtyards, terraces, pool, spa and manicured grounds. The yard is bountiful, with three dozen fruit trees, grapes, berries, vegetables and flowers.

The video above gives a closer look at the home listed by Compass agents Mark Peterson, Dana Bambace and Melissa Radowicz.

Peterson said that the property obviously appeals to the luxury buyer, but also to those attracted by “the sustainability and off-grid potential.”

Some homebuyers just want to be prepared in the event of a disaster, he said.

“It’s a home that really transcends several different buyers,” Peterson said in an email. “You feel like you are the guest at a secluded luxury resort enjoying the beautiful natural surroundings and ideal microclimate at the pool and terraces. But to think that could be the lifestyle afforded even in the event of a power outage for days, weeks or months is quite a juxtaposition. From a pure practical standpoint, the ideal buyer is someone who appreciates the meticulous quality and care that has been afforded to the home, systems and grounds.”

The home is connected to Pacific Gas and Electric and CalAm for electricity, natural gas and water, but has a “neutral footprint,” according to the listing. That’s because the solar installation on the property generates the electricity needed by the home and therefore eliminates PG&E electricity charges.

The high-production water system can be used in place of CalAm entirely for the house and irrigation, according to details of the power, storage and off-grid operations provided by Peterson.

In addition, the solar panels charge a battery system that provides backup power to the home and the well pump in case PG&E electricity becomes unavailable. Switching is automatic and real-time, but can also be done manually.

For long-term disaster preparedness, a 500-gallon tank of propane is available to operate the generator if natural gas supplies are shut off, the detail sheet explains.

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