Video shows helicopter crew rescuing injured mountain biker in East Bay park

One man’s bike ride in Contra Costa County ended with a helicopter rescue last weekend.

About 3:34 p.m. Saturday, the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Department received a report of an injured mountain biker on Beacon Ridge Trail in Briones Regional Park in Walnut Creek, the department reported.

The Sheriff’s Department dispatched its STARR 1 helicopter to help the Contra Costa County Fire Protection District find and rescue the man, according to authorities.

The unidentified victim was believed to have suffered broken bones and a head injury, according to SFGate.

Authorities had to hike to a remote trail to rescue him, after which he was loaded onto a stretcher and flown by helicopter to ground rescue vehicles, which took him to a hospital, SFGate and NBC Bay Area reported.

His current condition is unknown.