Six decapitated goats found near North Sacramento bike path

The bodies of six goats were found decapitated Wednesday in North Sacramento, the latest in a string of mysterious dead animal discoveries in local recreation areas, according to Gina Knepp from Sacramento Animal Care Services.

The two adult goats and four baby goats were found a little way off the road at the corner of Sully Street and Clair Avenue next to a bike path, Knepp said. It appears to be the sixth such incident in recent weeks and the fourth confirmed case of beheading.

Other dead animals have included chickens, a goat, a lamb and a tortoise found at Reichmuth Park in Sacramento.

Knepp said the latest remains were already in a state of decomposition, indicating that they had been there a while before they were discovered. She said there’s no way to tell if the person responsible is the same as those involved in the previous killings.

She said that is common to find dead chickens in Sacramento because of a city ordinance allowing for backyard poultry, but the cases of the goats and the lamb are especially curious because not many people own them in the city.

“We’ll figure it out,” she said.

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