Update: Roommates say Stevante Clark arrest came after escalating dispute in their house

Stevante Clark, thrust into the spotlight last month after police killed his brother Stephon Clark, was arrested Thursday on four allegations that included suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon and making death threats, according to Sacramento County jail records.

Clark, 25, was arrested by Sacramento police shortly after 10 a.m. in North Sacramento, authorities said. He is currently ineligible for bail.

A couple said Thursday that his arrest came after days of an escalating conflict between them and Clark at the North Sacramento house they share on Acacia Avenue.

Court records show the girlfriend sought a restraining order Wednesday against Clark. The couple said he had allegedly made threats against her, and their request was granted.

Additionally, in a video posted earlier this week on his Facebook page, Clark said, "I want the mayor, I want the chief." He was seen carrying a dagger or machete.

Dispatch audio from the website Broadcastify indicated that multiple calls came into police about trouble on Acacia Avenue on Thursday morning. The suspect was not named by dispatchers.

Sacramento police have been "actively receiving information and conducting an ongoing investigation that led to the arrest today," said spokesman Sgt. Vance Chandler. He confirmed that police responded to Acacia Avenue in connection with Clark within the past week.

Family members and friends have attributed the fatal police shooting of Stephon Clark on March 18 as the source of Stevante Clark’s increasing mental health challenges and public outbursts, describing them as a "call for help."

Clark received inpatient mental health treatment earlier this month after police responded to a 911 call about a disturbance in North Sacramento. He said it was difficult to cope with his brother's death given the public attention following the police shooting.

“At this point, it’s a processing of his grief as well as continued mental health issues that he’s not addressing,” said Sonia Lewis, a Clark relative and member of Black Lives Matter Sacramento who was alerting family members of Stevante Clark's arrest Thursday afternoon.

While she did not know what led to his arrest, Lewis said she was concerned that Clark was jailed instead of receiving mental health treatment. She said she checked in frequently on Clark to see how he was doing.

Alejandro Reylon Rouska said Thursday he and his girlfriend rented out a room of their Acacia Avenue home to Clark in January. They described Clark as unstable since his brother’s death.

Rouska said his girlfriend asked Clark late Monday to stop yelling at police through his bedroom window. Clark was angry at that request and continued to threaten the girlfriend’s life into Tuesday morning, Rouska said.

Clark refused to leave and the couple sought a restraining order after calling police several times, Rouska said. They stayed at a hotel for two nights.

“The moment you threaten my (girlfriend’s) life, we have to do something," Rouska said.

Officers responded Thursday to Acacia Avenue for reports of a suspect in a bulletproof vest hitting passing cars with a shovel and trying to barricade a portion of the street with garbage cans, according to police dispatch audio.

The dispatch traffic also referred to the suspect as having been seen on Facebook live video putting on a bulletproof vest and carrying a dagger or machete. Clark's Facebook page includes videos of that, with one from Wednesday at 1:19 p.m. showing him walking in a front yard tucking a long knife into a scabbard and placing it in his waistband.

Clark can be heard muttering on the broadcast, apparently about Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg and Police Chief Daniel Hahn, as well as a local pastor. "I want the mayor, I want the chief..," Clark says as viewers express alarm at what they are watching.

"Put that sword away, that only gives them a reason to arrest you," one wrote.

Among the calls Thursday into police was one reporting that someone was hitting cars with a shovel on Acacia Avenue.

"A male black 20s, 5'8", thin build wearing a white long sleeve shirt, black bulletproof vest threatened our complainant with a shovel, hit the complainant's vehicle with the shovel," one dispatcher reports. "Our friend from 970 Acacia was seen putting on a bulletproof vest on Facebook Live yesterday, just FYI," an officer responds.

"Looks like we're getting multiple calls about it, he's streaming it live on the internet, armed with a machete threatening a female at that address," a dispatcher reports.

Officers discussed forming a loose perimeter around the scene as calls continued to come in and officers reported what they were seeing.

"There's a solo unit watching him bang on other cars as they drive by," one officer reports.

A few minutes pass and a probation officer calls in: "We have a long eye on your guy on Acacia. If you need any intel, looks like he's barricading the street with garbage cans toward the Rio Linda side."

Finally, at roughly 10:15 a.m., officers detain the suspect. "Looks like they're chasing him on foot right now," an officer calls in. "We're taking him into custody now," another radios, adding later, "No use of force."

Besides the allegations of assault and making threats, Clark is being held on suspicion of misdemeanor vandalism and making harassing 911 calls. He is ineligible for bail because of a hold used in several situations, including when an inmate is deemed a public safety risk or if law enforcement believes bail money may come from an illegal source, according to Sacramento County Sheriff's Sgt. Shaun Hampton.

Stevante Clark.jpg
Mug shot of Stevante Clark taken Thursday, April 19, 2018. Sacramento Police Department

Stephon Clark's fatal shooting by police officers in south Sacramento has sparked a national controversy over use of deadly force. Officers and a sheriff's helicopter were called out to the neighborhood after a report that a suspect was breaking car windows.

The officers appeared to believe Stephon Clark had a gun, based on body cam footage, but he was found with only a cellphone. He was shot dead in his grandparents' backyard.

Stevante Clark has been in the public eye since his brother's death. He disrupted a City Council meeting in late March, where he sat on top of the dais and told Steinberg to shut up. Days later, he said he made amends with the mayor and often urged protesters to remain calm during demonstrations.

Community leaders, including pastors and Steinberg, urged sympathy for Stevante Clark due to his grief and mental trauma since his brother's death.

Hampton, a sheriff's spokesman, could not specify where in the jail Clark was being housed, but added that "all of his medical and psychiatric care that he would require is being taken care of." The Sheriff's Department operates the Sacramento County Main Jail.

Clark is scheduled to appear in court on Friday.

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