Does Sacramento County owe you money? There’s $2.2 million in uncashed checks

Sacramento County really wants to give you the money you’re owed.

The county now has more than 5,000 uncashed checks, totaling more than $2.2 million.

If a check written by the county goes six months without being cashed, the county releases the names and amounts publicly. You can see if your name or group is on the list by heading to the county’s “unclaimed county warrants” finance webpage.

YMCA Eastern Mission Oak Park is among those on the list — though the YMCA hasn’t existed for several years to make way for Mission Oaks Park District’s Eastern Oak Park at 3127 Eastern Ave. The group is owed $63.34 from a check that was initially written in July 2018.

Those dollars could make a big difference in the Mission Oaks Recreation and Parks District, such as helping pay for more $2 meals as part of the Meals on Wheels program, said Rodney Dahlberg, director for the Mission Oaks Community Center.

“Well I want that 63 bucks!” he said. “I could feed a lot of seniors.”

You can also see if you’ve got an uncashed check on the Sacramento County open data portal. Some of the uncashed checks go back to 2016.

If you’re owed money, the unclaimed county warrants website spells out how you can retrieve it.

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Alexandra Yoon-Hendricks covers Sacramento County and the cities and suburbs beyond the capital. She’s previously worked at The New York Times and NPR, and is a former Bee intern. She graduated from UC Berkeley, where she was the managing editor of The Daily Californian.
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