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Here are the people fatally shot by police

Citrus Heights police officers have fatally shot eight people since 2010. The people who were shot and the circumstances surrounding each event:

1. Barys Radchuck, 35

Date: March 20, 2010

Location: Holly Springs Court and Cavan Drive

Circumstances: Radchuck’s wife, Marina, told police dispatchers that her husband was drunk and abusive toward her and her children. Officer Jeremy Hatchell shot him after he allegedly pummeled him and his partner with his fists as they approached him in an alley. According to police reports and legal documents, the officers first used a stun gun against the suspect, but it was ineffective. Marina Radchuck said in a lawsuit that later was dismissed that the officers “summarily executed” her husband as she stood nearby.

2. Jeffrey James Gonzales, 51

Date: March 7, 2012

Location: 5748 Sunrise Blvd.

Circumstances: Gonzales claimed he had a gun and a bomb while he was robbing a bank on Sunrise Boulevard, according to police. He was shot as he ran from the scene. No explosive device was found. Police never said why they fired the fatal shots at the fleeing suspect, and the case was not reviewed by the District Attorney’s Office.

3. Hunter Todd, 20

Date: Jan. 3, 2013

Location: 8000 block of Debbie Ann Court

Circumstances: Todd’s killing resulted in a $2 million settlement against Citrus Heights, though the city admitted no liability. Todd was shot, according to the agreement, by Officer Ryan Smith following a report of a possible car burglary. Smith said he shot Todd in the back because he feared the suspect was reaching for a gun when he leaned into his vehicle. No gun was found. An autopsy showed the bullets entered Todd’s chest, neck and arm, not his back.

4. Gabriella Nevarez, 22

Date: March 2, 2014

Location: Madison and San Juan avenues

Circumstances: Nevarez was on felony probation for robbery, according to the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office. She took her grandmother’s car from her driveway after the two argued. The grandmother, Mary Beesley, called police. Officer Alexi Fanopoulos and Sgt. Jason Baldwin shot Nevarez after she rammed a police cruiser and attempted to strike officers with her car, according to police. A witness, according to the DA’s report, described Nevarez as having her hands up when she was shot. She was shot in the back, chest and thigh and was pronounced dead at the scene.

5. Jason Wilson, 42

Date: May 23, 2014

Location: Near Woodmore Oaks Drive and Sunrise Boulevard

Circumstances: Wilson was fatally shot by police after he was reported to be in an alleged domestic violence incident in a convenience store parking lot. He fled from responding officers onto the grounds of a nearby school. Officers following Wilson in a helicopter reported he had “something across his chest that looked like a rifle strap,” according to the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office report. When officers located him in a confined area, police said he refused to comply with commands and reached into his waistband. Officers believed he might have a gun and fired. Police said Wilson was carrying a black rectangular case that contained a knife, and the strap was found to be a fanny pack. No gun was found.

6. Eduardo Reyes, 35

Date: June 22, 2015

Location: 7500 block of Greenback Lane

Circumstances: Reyes was killed after exchanging gunfire with police at an apartment complex on Greenback Lane where he lived with his wife. Police said they responded to a call about a domestic dispute, and when they arrived, Reyes began shooting at them from a second-floor landing of his apartment. Officers returned fire, killing him. Reyes had beaten his wife with a handgun, police said, and she required hospital treatment.

7. Jaime Ide, 35

Date: May 19, 2016

Location: 6000 block of Birdcage Street

Circumstances: Officers responded to a call about a domestic disturbance call at an apartment complex on Birdcage Street. Upon arrival, according to police accounts, they found a woman who was bloodied and seriously injured. Ide was the suspected assailant. He barricaded himself in the home, and officers tried to peacefully resolve the matter, according to police. Police said they heard shots from inside the apartment, then Ide came out and threatened an officer with a knife. Officer Nathan Hutson shot and killed him in a narrow corridor. Ide’s case is still under review by the DA’s Office.

8. Michael McClurg, 56

Date: Aug. 8, 2016

Location: 7300 block of Grenola Way

Circumstances: According to news reports, police believe McClurg set his former wife’s car on fire before leading officers on a chase that ended in his death in the home he shared with his twin brother. There, officers say McClurg brandished a gun, forcing them to shoot. His daughter, Samantha McClurg, said no gun was found. The family has filed notice with the city of Citrus Heights, allowing them to pursue later litigation. The case is still under review by the DA’s Office.

Cynthia Hubert: 916-321-1082, @Cynthia_Hubert

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