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Police investigate hidden camera found at a Folsom tanning salon

Solarium tanning bed, view from inside
Solarium tanning bed, view from inside

A Folsom woman reportedly found a hidden camera inside a room of a Folsom tanning salon early last month, launching an investigation by the city's Police Department, the woman's lawyer said Thursday.

Police were notified of the camera after the Folsom Sun Club, at the Folsom Faire shopping center on East Bidwell Street, called to alert officers about the device on April 4, said Sgt. Andrew Bates, a department spokesman.

Lawyer Craig Ashton says his client, Gina Piazza, 22, was at the salon that day, and noticed what looked like a charging hub pointed at her crotch area inside the tanning room. The device was not connected to a phone or a cable and had an unusual hole.

“She noted there was a pin hole at the front of it, which was unique to any device that she had seen," Ashton said. "She suspected it might be a camera.”

The report had yielded no arrests as of Wednesday morning, though Bates said the investigation is active. He could not release information about when the camera may have been recording or how many people may have been filmed, if any.

“We take reports of this very seriously, and we have investigated it since we got the report,” Bates said.

Ashton said police issued a search warrant at the home of a potential suspect, but he could not give additional details about the search. He also claimed the suspect is a regular client at the salon who told employees that he accidentally left the device behind in the tanning room on multiple occasions

Bates said he could not speak on either topic.

"You have young ladies that are disrobed and a device shows up again repeatedly when they are naked," Ashton said. “They could have stopped this months ago."

Bates urges people to conduct an online search on covert cameras to familiarize themselves with different brands and styles. He said a good indicator of hidden cameras were items that had unusual holes in them.

“Look for things that are out of the ordinary, things that don’t belong,” Bates suggested.

Folsom Sun Club did not return a request for comment.

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