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Video released of murder suspect’s “suicide by cop” behind Camp Fire line

The Butte County District Attorney’s Office released dash-cam footage Tuesday of what it’s calling “suicide by cop” behind the Camp Fire line last week.

GD Hendrix, a 48-year-old Berry Creek resident, was fatally shot on Nov. 15 after pointing a pipe at Butte and Sutter county sheriff’s deputies following a high-speed chase, according to the DA’s media release. Hendrix was the prime suspect in a 2014 Plumas County double homicide and had allegedly violated terms of his parole by cutting off his ankle monitor in June.

Deputies received a call around 11 a.m. on Nov. 15 about a “suspicious character” who had been in a silver Chevrolet sedan in a Concow parking lot for several days, according to the release. After determining the car belonged to Hendrix’s mother, eight deputies from multiple agencies came to the parking lot with a plan to surround and detain Hendrix, who was considered armed and dangerous.

Hendrix allegedly awoke, though, and ignored deputies’ commands to show his hands. His right hand disappeared out of sight and several deputies heard a metallic “click” as he shouted, “you guys should have left me alone” and “I’m not going back,” according to the release.

Hendrix then allegedly rammed through two cars and fled the parking lot, leading deputies on an eight-mile chase at up to 100 miles per hour south and west down Highway 70. Spike strips at the highway’s intersections with Cherokee Road and Pentz Road brought the sedan to a stop, where about two dozen law enforcement agents gathered behind Hendrix’s car, according to the release.

In the video, a Chevrolet sedan allegedly driven by Hendrix with a dog in the backseat stopped in the middle of the road under deputies’ orders. The driver tossed a dark object — a five-gallon bucket lid, the DA’s office said — out the window, then ignored deputies’ commands to show his hands for about a minute.

Dressed in a dark gray hoodie and black hat, Hendrix then opened the driver’s door and stepped out as deputies yelled for him to show his right hand. He paused momentarily then lunged forward, hands raised and pointed toward the deputies, as approximately seven shots rang out from Butte and Sutter county sheriff’s deputies and a Fish and Game warden. Twenty-six shell casings were later recovered, according to the release.

As Hendrix fell, he came level with a Sutter County K-9 named Bandit who had been dispatched to bring him down. Bandit was fatally struck by law enforcement agents’ bullets, according to the release, but not before being attacked by pit bull that ran out of Hendrix’s car. The pit bull was then shot as well.

CPR and pressure bandages were unsuccessful in saving Hendrix’s life, the release said. He was allegedly carrying several fixed and folding blade knives when he was shot but no gun.

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