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7 women report being drugged while drinking in Davis. 3 were sexually assaulted, police say

After a May report that three women believed they were drugged while drinking at downtown Davis bars, police in the university town said Monday they have received seven more reports from victims who also believe they were drugged while drinking in Davis, authorities say.

Three of the women who made reports said they were sexually assaulted, Davis Police Department Deputy Chief Paul Doroshov said Monday.

Doroshov said some of the alleged druggings were reported after victims drank at multiple bars, at least one occurred at a fraternity house and one came at another residence.

Doroshov said the department would not name the bars at which the alleged drugging incidents took place because many of the incidents involved victims drinking at multiple bars. Most of the city’s most popular bars are in a small area downtown, he noted.

“Some of these victims basically said they’ve been to several bars before they felt woozy or unaware, so it’s really tough to say which (bar),” he said.

However, the department in early May named two downtown bars at which a trio of women believed they consumed potentially tainted drinks.

Police said in a news release at the time that the department had received reports from three women who were treated at hospitals in April and early May for blacking out or other symptoms inconsistent with the amount of alcohol they reportedly had. The news release said two of the women experienced symptoms after drinking at Wunderbar on G Street and the third experienced similar symptoms after consuming one drink at Bistro 33.

The Davis Police Department said at the time it was investigating and would increase foot patrols near downtown bars.

“Patrol is there,” Doroshov said Monday. “I don’t know how effective it is (at preventing drugging), but it’s there.”

Doroshov said Monday that a blood test was taken in one of the three earlier cases, and the results showed that the victim had an unidentified substance in her system.

Blood tests were not taken in the seven more recent cases, Doroshov said.

“On those, we don’t really have that,” he said. “Just reports of symptoms ... People will report that when something tragic has happened. Usually they don’t report it though when (no assault) happened, when they just lost consciousness or awareness.”

Doroshov said awareness is key, and encouraged those out drinking to pay attention to their drinks and to go out with friends who can help prevent assaults or other incidents.

A woman last month accused a bartender at downtown Sacramento’s Dive Bar of drugging her. The bar said it conducted an investigation, found no evidence to support the claim and refutes it.

The Davis Police Department also recently said it received reports last week of three sexual assaults allegedly occurring between April and August. Doroshov said these cases were “completely separate” from the alleged drugging incidents at bars and did not involve victims consuming alcohol.

One of those incidents involved an alleged abduction from Arroyo Park, in which the victim reported a suspect bound her hands, drove her to an unknown rural location and sexually assaulted her before driving her back to the park. Another reported incident involved a sexual assault in the Westlake Plaza shopping center parking lot, and the third involved a male reportedly grabbing a victim by her shorts in Mace Ranch Park, the police department said last Thursday in a news release.

Doroshov said all three of those victims were walking or jogging at the time of the incidents.

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