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Ask Sacto 911 crime Q&A: What happened to woman, brother convicted of killing tenant?

Monica Njoku
Monica Njoku Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department

Q: What happend to Monica Njoku who, along with her brother, was convicted last year in the murder of her tenant while trying to illegally evict him?

Debra, Riverdale, Ga.

A: Monica Njoku and her brother, Monterio Roberts, remain in Sacramento County Jail awaiting sentencing in the death of Edward White.

A Sacramento County jury in October found the two guilty of second-degree murder. Their sentencing is scheduled April 15, according to Sacramento Superior Court records available online.

White was fatally stabbed Nov. 16, 2014, during a tenant dispute. According to stories in The Sacramento Bee, Njoku owned a house that she rented to single parents with dependents. On the day White was killed, she had demanded that one of her tenants and a baby immediately leave the house, authorities said. White, who also was a tenant, protested and told Njoku she had to give the tenant at least a three-day notice, which led to a heated argument.

Njoku called her brother, Roberts, and her sister-in-law to come to the house. Roberts threatened White, and Njoku began harassing the female tenant. When White called 911, Njoku locked White’s 2-year-old son out of the house. Roberts then pulled out a switchblade knife and attacked White, and Njoku and her sister-in-law jumped into the fight, authorities said.

White was stabbed three times in the torso and died at a hospital from internal injuries.

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