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He just couldn’t sit still: 2-year-old Dutch steals the show at Gavin Newsom’s inauguration

Gavin Newsom’s 2-year-old son, Dutch, stole the show at his father’s inaugural address.

Carrying a blanket and pacifier, Dutch wandered on to a stage outside of the California Capitol and wouldn’t leave it as his father delivered remarks to an audience of lawmakers and former governors.

Newsom was first unfazed by Dutch’s interruption and continued to deliver his speech as planned.

The governor scooped Dutch up in his arms and continued delivering his speech. Dutch rested his head on his father’s shoulder as he spoke about sanctuary cities and immigration policy.

“Together, let us build a house stronger than the coming storms, yet open to the world. A house that provides shelter to all who need it and sanctuary to all who seek it — where opportunity abounds for all who will work for it,“ Newsom said.

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Just a few moments later, Dutch left his father’s arms while Hunter, Newsom’s 7-year-old son, attempted to coax Dutch off stage. Dutch did not want to go back to his seat in the front row.

“This is exactly how this was scripted,” Newsom joked.

The audience laughed as he promised in his scripted remarks to “support parents so they can give their kids the love and care they need, especially in those critical early years when so much development occurs.”

Finally, Jennifer Siebel Newsom picked Dutch up and carted him backstage, where he remained for the rest of the speech.

Jennifer Siebel Newsom holds her son Dutch, 2, after he joined father Gavin Newsom during the governor’s inuguration speech on Monday, Jan. 7, 2019. Hector Amezcua