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Who NextGen is targeting + Brown, Kardashian agree on something + Surf’s up in Cali!


NextGen America, an advocacy financially backed by liberal billionaire activist Tom Steyer, is launching a $390,000 social media advertising campaign that will, in part, target California races for the U.S. House.

The group is looking to raise voter turnout among young adults — via YouTube, Facebook and Twitter — and encourage people to support liberal candidates who could unseat Republican incumbents.

About $275,000 will be spent on three digital ads targeting five specific races:

GOP Reps. Jeff Denham of Turlock, Steve Knight of Lancaster, Mimi Walters of Laguna Niguel and Dana Rohrabacher of Costa Mesa are the four incumbents being targeted. Ads targeting the candidates will cost a total of $212,000, according to NextGen estimates.

In CD 39, the Orange County seat being vacated by Rep. Ed Royce, the group is going after Republican Young Kim, spending $60,000 on a third digital ad.


First, she asked President Donald Trump to pardon a female inmate. Next, she asked Gov. Jerry Brown to sign a bill expanding protections for female prisoners in California. In both cases, Kim Kardashian got what she wanted.

On Monday, Brown signed Assembly Bill 2550, which prevents male correctional officers from conducting pat-down searches on female inmates and entering areas where women may be undressing.

Kardashian tweeted at Brown last month, urging him to sign it even though it had not yet reached his desk. Assemblywoman Shirley Weber, D-San Diego, introduced the bill and previously told The Bee she was relaxing at home when her son broke the news to her about the Kardashian tweet and significance behind it.

In a statement, Brown’s office said, “We will let the governor’s signature speak for itself.”


“If everybody had an ocean across the USA, then everybody’d be surfin’ like Californi-a.” It’s time to ditch Aruba and Jamaica, because Brown signed a bill Monday declaring surfing California’s official state sport.

Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi, D-Torrance, co-authored the bill and praised Brown for signing it, saying in a news release that he is “stoked” since surfing represents “those riding the waves of opportunity” in California.


The California Alliance of Taxpayer Advocates sent a letter to the Board of Equalization earlier this month asking the group to revisit property assessment policies. BOE will consider the letter in a hearing at 11 a.m. today.

The advocates are specifically asking for “certain changes to the assessment appeals or local equalization process before local boards of equalization and county assessment appeals boards.” CATA wrote in its letter that some county assessors have engaged in “harsh practices” that “intimidate taxpayers” trying to prove what their home is worth.


The California Public Utilities Commission is holding an advisory group meeting at 10 a.m. today in San Francisco. The Disadvantaged Communities Advisory Group was established jointly with the California Energy Commission to offer advice on how energy policies can best serve areas disproportionately burdened by pollution and other challenges. Much of the meeting will focus on a social justice action plan proposal and setting the group’s priorities for the next fiscal year.


State Sen. Nancy Skinner, D-Berkeley, is holding a news conference at 10 a.m. today to discuss a bill awaiting a floor vote on the Assembly. Senate Bill 1437 would limit felony murder liability if the person did not actually commit murder.


Drinking water advocates are holding a news conference at 11:30 a.m. today on the south steps of the Capitol. They argue too many Californians drink unsafe tap water and are calling on the Legislature to pass two bills expanding funding to safeguard residents’ drinking water.


The California Department of Motor Vehicles announced Monday that it has redesigned parts of its website to provide easier access to the pages customers most frequently visit online. The homepage now features a section about ways to avoid going into a DMV field office for certain services.


I’ll concede this has nothing to do with California politics, but I refuse to believe it’s not applicable to the loyal readers here looking for the inside scoop on the pressing issues of the day.

And I can’t think of a subject more important than the opening of Cracker Barrel in Sacramento on 1000 Howe Ave. As an adopted North Carolinian, the American food chain with a southern flare served as a second home during college.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Cracker Barrel or don’t share my level of enthusiasm quite yet, I offered some expert insight on what you need to know.

On an unrelated note, I regret to inform you that I will no longer be on the Cracker Barrel beat and defer to Benjy Egel for all further inquiries on the fine dining front.


Taryn Luna (@TarynLuna) — “You know everyone is preoccupied and not paying attention when a senator brings up the wrong bill and the California Senate approves it 38-0.’”


Should offshore oil drilling be expanded? Influencers have plenty to say.

“In a word, no — and I’m also not sure the premise of (or trade-off in) the question is correct. California is seeking to lead on renewable and as it does, those sectors develop and the cost curve bends in; that seems like a better approach than risking our shorelines.”

Manuel Pastor, Director of Program for USC Environmental and Regional Equity

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While Erwin Chemerinsky, dean and professor of law at the UC Berkeley School of Law, says he strongly supports eliminating money bail and previously urged passage of Senate Bill 10, he worries recent amendments could lead to the detention of more people and exacerbate racial inequality.

State Sen. Bob Hertzberg, D-Los Angeles, and Assemblyman Rob Bonta, D-Alameda, insist the latest version of the bill eliminating money bail strikes the right balance between safety and justice.

Kevin Ferreira, executive director of the Sacramento-Sierra Building and Construction Trades Council, believes a Sacramento hiring agreement will boost local businesses and workers.

Eric Christen, executive director of the Coalition for Fair Employment in Construction, worries the Sacramento hiring deal will increase construction costs.

The Bee’s Editorial Board says Democrats control the California Legislature, but too often they act like they own the place.


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