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This Sunday, Californians could set their clocks back for the last time

This Sunday, Californians could “fall back” for the last time.

That’s because voters this Tuesday will consider a proposition that, if passed, would empower the Legislature to pass a law to permanently fix the state to one time system.

There is a wealth of data that show that jumping an hour back or forth is deleterious to a person’s health, causing or aggravating problems ranging from disrupted sleep to heart attack to vehicle accidents, according to USA Today.

Daylight Saving Time began as an energy-conserving measure during World War I, and it became standardized nationwide in the 1960s, according to Vox.

Since then, both Arizona and Hawaii have opted simply to not recognize Daylight Saving Time.

If Proposition 7 is approved on Tuesday, it will give the Golden State that option, too. Or it could move in the direction the Sunshine State is pursuing.

The Florida Legislature this year approved a bill that would shift the state permanently to Daylight Saving Time, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

However, moving to year-round Daylight Saving Time requires both congressional and presidential approval. Switching to standard time does not require outside approval. The Legislature could do so with a two-thirds majority vote.

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