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Daylight saving time will continue in California for now, as lawmaker delays bill

Californians will have to continue falling back and springing forward, at least for a little while longer.

Assemblyman Kansen Chu, D-San Jose, announced that he is making a two-year bill out of Assembly bill 7, which would put California on permanent daylight saving time upon federal recognition.

“I want to clarify that AB 7 is not dead and will be moving forward in January,” Chu said in prepared remarks. “My main goal will always be to stop the practice of switching back and forth, and I am dedicated to make this a reality.”

Chu introduced AB 7 after the successful passage of Proposition 7 by voters in 2018. The ballot measure gave the Legislature the authorization to switch the state to permanent daylight saving time, provided California receives approval from the federal government.

President Donald Trump has tweeted that he supports that change.

AB 7 unanimously passed out of the Assembly in May but sat since then in the Senate Committee on Energy, Utilities and Communications.

The bill requires a two-thirds vote from both the Assembly and Senate in order to become law.

Chu said he made the call because he wants to further consult his constituents.

“As this is an issue that impacts all Californians, I want to take the next few months to ask my constituents their thoughts on permanent daylight saving time vs. permanent standard time,” he said in a statement.

Whether AB 7 sticks with daylight saving time or is altered to move the Golden State to permanent standard time, Chu spokesman Annie Pham said that the assemblyman’s goal “has always been to stop the time switch altogether.”

“It is important to me that my constituents are heard, and putting a pause on moving the bill will give me the opportunity to do more outreach,” Chu said in a statement.

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