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Jerry Brown calls wait times at Tijuana border crossing ‘unconscionable’

MEXICO CITY – Gov. Jerry Brown said Monday that two- and three-hour waits at the U.S.-Mexico border crossing near San Diego are “unconscionable” and should be dramatically reduced, though he offered no specific plan to address the issue.

Brown, in Mexico City for talks on trade and the environment, told reporters after a meeting with Mexico President Enrique Peña Nieto that the two politicians “discussed ways in which we could speed up the unconscionable two-hour delay between Tijuana and San Diego.”

Brown said, “Whatever has to be done in two hours could be done in 15 minutes, or maybe 30 minutes. The question is what would it take to transform the delay into an appropriate … period of waiting?”

He said he is going to “look at that and hopefully get some answers” by the time the Mexican president visits California, likely in August.

The busy San Ysidro border crossing has long been a source of angst for travelers coming north, and business groups have complained of billions of dollars in lost efficiencies transporting goods through the checkpoint.

Brown made his remarks at a news conference ahead of a reception at the Soumaya Museum, a private museum built by the multi-billionaire Carlos Slim.

Brown, speaking before a large mural by David Alfaro Siqueiros, said the museum reminded him that the relationship between California and Mexico “is not just about trade and stuff and GDP.”

“It’s also about friendship, and poetry and soul,” he said.

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