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Sacramento Bee readers really, really hate daylight saving time

The people have spoken and what they’ve said is: Please, don’t make us change our clocks twice a year.

In a completely unscientific poll conducted on over the past few weeks, nearly 1,200 readers have weighed in on a legislative proposal to abolish daylight saving time in California. They overwhelmingly agree, with 81 percent of respondents voting that the state should stop observing the practice.

When it comes to sticking with standard time or switching to daylight saving time year-round, however, there is less accord. A Sacramento Bee Facebook thread about the matter has 500 very passionate comments and counting.

The annual springing forward that costs us an hour, which occurred this past Sunday, draws particular ire; many readers say the switch leaves them groggy and throws them off for days after. UC Davis sleep expert Dr. Jamal Mohammed explains why the start of daylight saving time can leave you feeling so awful.

Assembly Bill 2496 by Assemblyman Kansen Chu, D-San Jose, would end the practice in California, but voters would have to weigh in because they approved daylight saving time back in 1949 via Proposition 12. Chu says the time change – and the resulting fatigue – has been linked to an increase in workplace accidents.

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