She had a stolen car with mismatched license plates — and a dead owl, Calif. cops say

Christen Aceves
Christen Aceves Scotts Valley Police Department

The first clue might have been the mismatched front and back license plates. But then a traffic stop on a stolen car in Scotts Valley, California, got strange, police say

A Facebook post Saturday by the Scotts Valley Police Department north of Santa Cruz reported that an officer pulled over Christen Aceves after a check found her license plates did not match her vehicle.

Further checks revealed the car had been stolen from Santa Barbara earlier in the day, reported KION. A search turned up various other stolen items, including credit cards that had been left in the vehicle by the owner and which had been fraudulently used by Aceves, police say.

And then there was the dead owl. Police offered no explanation for the presence of the deceased bird in the vehicle in their Facebook post.

Aceves, of Goleta, California, was arrested on suspicion of possession of a stolen vehicle, fraudulent use of a credit card, and possession of a deceased bird of prey, reported KSBW.

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