You’ll miss this in January: Sacramento ties record high with triple-digit heat

Technically, Wednesday was one of the first days of fall. Nobody told the thermometer. The temperature at Sacramento Executive Airport reached 100 degrees Wednesday to tie the record set in 1975.

But a major change is on the way. While Thursday’s high is predicted to be around 91, highs will dip into the 70s Friday before bottoming out at 70 Monday, according to the National Weather Service.

“You could categorize this as a major change in temperature, going from triple digits,” NWS forecaster Karl Swanberg said Wednesday night. “It’s a rather abrupt change. It’s quite unusual.”

Wednesday’s heat was unusual but not wildly out of the norm, Swanberg said. Though the average high was 85, Sacramento has seen 100 degrees as late as Oct. 10. The highest recorded temperature on an autumn day in Sacramento is 104 degrees (Sept. 26, 1963, and Oct. 2, 2001).

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