Letters: Here are the facts on ‘suppressors’

Re “Fake news & tech titans + Banning gasoline + Legalizing silencers + Remembering Vietnam” (The Take, Oct. 2): Dan Morain needs to get a clue. He goes on a diatribe against five California Republicans, but misstated facts about suppressors. Here’s the reality: There are 1.3 million suppressors legally owned by Americans for hunting, home defense, and training. Legal owners, however, are tasked with an archaic process of paperwork and obtaining a tax stamp. H.R. 367, known as the Hearing Protection Act, would restructure the system to allow hunters, home defenders, and other legal American gun owners to purchase suppressors by passing the same National Instant Criminal Background Check currently required to purchase a firearm under federal law. This affects hunters and home defenders who do not have the luxury of being able to use hearing protection before discharging their firearm. A home defender could rupture or irreversibly damage the ear drums of the loved ones being protected by shooting even once without hearing protection. Suppressed, a gunshot could be reduced to 100 decibels, which makes it still as loud as a gas lawn mower.

Erich Pratt, executive director Gun Owners of America, Springfield, Va.,