Lessons learned and to come from Tehama shooting + Antonio Villaraigosa’s prescription

Our take


One lesson from Tehama shooting: School lockdowns save lives. While much remains murky about the rampage in Rancho Tehama Reserve, it is clear that the immediate decision to lock down Rancho Tehama Elementary School saved many lives. It should be a lesson for every principal and superintendent in California.

Jack Ohman sees that Donald Trump would like to use a larger club in his bag. Be his caddy here.


Glenn Melnick: If the cost of benefits goes up, employers have less to pay wages – and the cost of health benefits to employers has been increasing rapidly for many years. That is exactly what has been happening to California workers, and it will only get worse – much worse and very soon.

Danielle Whitmore: For arts organizations and nonprofits in general, there would be serious consequences from the House GOP tax cut bill. Arts organizations and businesses have just begun to regain their footholds and balance their budgets after the massive economic downturn.

Regina Bateson: Rep. Tom McClintock says he’s conservative, but his tax plan just worsens the deficit and hurts the economy.

California Forum

Antonio Villaraigosa: Enterprise zones went away in the recession, but the Inland Empire and Central Valley are desperate for something like them. California has two economies, and one isn’t progressing. Here’s a plan that might work.

Ted Lempert and Lenny Mendonca: We promise kids they can get a public college education if they work hard. Are we lying?

Lillian Kimbell: Every year, the Cal State and UC must fight for critical state funding. Here’s is a simple fix.

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Their take

Raleigh News & Observer: The latest maneuver to kill the Affordable Care Act, which President Trump has repeatedly described, inaccurately, as a “disaster,” may be the most deceptive ploy yet by Republicans obsessed with dismantling a singular success of President Obama.

Lexington Herald Leader: The new Republican leadership in the General Assembly moved quickly to launch an investigation following revelations that former Speaker Jeff Hoover and three others from their caucus had secretly settled a sexual-harassment claim brought by a female staffer. Unfortunately, their secretive, partisan approach raises even more questions and will undermine the findings of the investigation.

Los Angeles Times: We live in a country of laws and no one should be above them. That includes the president. And it also includes Hillary Clinton, his former campaign opponent. Where there is reason to believe that laws have been violated, there should be an investigation and if necessary a prosecution. But the calls by some Republicans for a special counsel to investigate Clinton are part of a desperate effort by the president.

Santa Rosa Press Democrat: With congressional Republicans racing to rewrite the federal tax code, bypassing the usual scrutiny for such a monumental undertaking, there probably will be some unexpected surprises in the final product. There’s no surprise about this: Millions of Californians, including middle-class families, will be stuck with higher tax bills. But, as they say on the late-night TV ads, there’s more.

Bloomberg View: A London tribunal’s ruling last week that Uber drivers aren’t self-employed was hailed as a victory by the company’s critics. The court upheld an earlier finding that Uber resorted to “fictions” and “twisted language” in denying its obligations as an employer, and that its claim to be a service linking 30,000 small businesses to their customers was “faintly ridiculous.” Clear as that might seem, the judgment doesn’t settle the matter. This is what happens when courts are asked to apply outdated laws to a rapidly changing labor market.

Hartford Courant: Parents of schoolchildren murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School are trying to persuade the state Supreme Court to let them sue the manufacturer of the military-style weapon used in the 2012 slaughter, as well as the gun distributor and the now-closed store where it was bought. We hope they prevail. The courageous parents have one large obstacle to overcome: Gun makers have special immunity from civil lawsuits. It’s a shield that few, if any, other industries have, and it was granted by a cowardly Congress in the 2005 Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act.

Seattle Times: Seattle knows what Alabama is going through all too well. We’re familiar with the awful cloud that descends when a politician’s alleged sexual assaults of children emerge ahead of an election. Having been through this with Ed Murray, Seattle’s mayor until September, our advice is to dump Roy Moore, Alabama’s embattled candidate for U.S. Senate. This is about more than politics. At stake is the moral legitimacy of governing bodies.

Syndicates’ take

E.J. Dionne Jr., Washington Post: People who call themselves conservative are shoveling out so much money so fast to corporations and the privileged that they needed some health care cuts upfront – at the expense of coverage for millions of our less fortunate brothers and sisters. And so on Tuesday, the Senate majority took an appalling bill and made it even more atrocious.

Nicholas Kristof, New York Times: President Donald Trump and the Republicans are coming along with some tax relief for tycoons, and it’s carefully crafted to focus the benefits on the truly deserving – the affluent who earn their tax breaks with savvy investments in politicians.

Dana Milbank, Washington Post: Luckily for President Trump, an innocent-by-reason-of-stupidity defense in the Russia investigation has the virtue of being plausible. For example, there is clear and compelling evidence that Donald Trump Jr. is dumb as a post.


“It’s astounding to witness the top law enforcement official, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, perjure himself time and time again with impunity.” – Mark Collen, Sacramento

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“Do you think the three UCLA Basketball Players will say thank you President Trump? They were headed for 10 years in jail!” – President Donald Trump, @realDonaldTrump