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Trump Cabinet picks show scorched-earth policies

An aide to Russian President Vladimir Putin praised President-elect Donald Trump’s choice of Rex Tillerson to lead the State Department and says that the businessman is well regarded by many Russian officials.
An aide to Russian President Vladimir Putin praised President-elect Donald Trump’s choice of Rex Tillerson to lead the State Department and says that the businessman is well regarded by many Russian officials. The Associated Press

Scorched-earth policies revealed

As each new Trump Cabinet appointee is revealed, the nightmare of the next presidency is coming into sharp focus. With the selection of secretaries whose goals are the opposite of the agencies they will lead, abolition of health care insurance for millions of citizens, along with an over-reliance on military generals setting national security agendas, we are about to witness an unprecedented, national scorched-earth policy which will exacerbate air pollution, increase morbidity and mortality rates, diminish public health, raise the probability of more stupid wars and increase human rights abuses, here and abroad. Our only hope may lie in an independent national and local press with the courage to relentlessly investigate abuses and speak the truth.

John McCormack,


Follow through on climate protection

Rex Tillerson, President-elect Donald Trump’s choice for secretary of state, is the CEO of the world’s largest oil company, which has been one of the biggest funders of climate denial and misinformation.

Exxon has improved under Tillerson’s leadership, and he’s voiced support for climate science and a carbon tax. However, Exxon has continued to fund some climate denial organizations. If he is confirmed, we must hold Tillerson accountable for his words, because it will be up to him to continue America’s leadership in international climate negotiations. American cannot become a climate-denying petrostate.

Dana Nuccitelli,

West Sacramento

Celebrate Russians coming to U.S.

Re “Russia’s act of terrorism in the U.S.” (Letters, Dec 12): I think it’s ridiculous we’re blaming the presidential election results on Russia. The Russians did not send anyone over to vote for Donald Trump, and hostile countries like North Korea have been hacking us for years.

Why is it we’re demonizing Russia all of a sudden? Because Hillary Clinton lost the election while waging a dirty campaign full of gossip and innuendo?

The Russians haven’t done anything to harm the U.S. except send a lot of beautiful women here who want to get married and make our own natives of the fairer sex jealous. Diplomacy on the part of possible Secretary of State Rex Tillerson can only improve a situation made worse by Clinton.

Bill Graham, Salinas

The appalling audacity of GOP

Re “New push to scrap Obamacare reignites old tensions in GOP” (Page 1A, Dec 12): My respect for the Republican Party can’t get any lower, I thought. From the first day of President Barack Obama’s first term, their No. 1 plan was to obstruct the president every inch of the way. They pledged to be of no help on anything. And then I read this article concerning the fix the GOP is in. Sen. Orrin Hatch said, “And the real world right now is that the Democrats won’t help with anything.”

Appalling in every way, shape and form.

Don Brown,

West Sacramento

An artist’s lifestyle is hard work

Re “No special housing for artists” (Letters, Dec. 10): Ron W. Loutzenhiser tells us he does not believe artists should receive public funding for their “lifestyle choice.” While I agree tax dollars should be prioritized to support the vital needs of the public, I take issue with his question, “Can’t these artists get a job like most of us and support their artistic efforts?”

Unfortunately, too many people do not seem to understand that the art we create (I am a musician) is our job. Just like any other profession, most of us invest money and work long hours to educate ourselves and hone our craft to become successful enough to support ourselves and our families.

The mentality that art and music are hobbies or a frivolous waste of time is like saying plumbers and carpenters just like to play with pipes and wood.

Bill Adelman, Galt, known as singer-songwriter William Mylar

Rain will bring out bureaucrats

Re “December rains making dent in dogged drought” (Local, Dec. 12): It is good to see that we are getting a lot of rain. This means that the bureaucrats will soon order all the dams to open their gates to let the water flow into the ocean for flood protection. This will be followed by them announcing additional water restrictions, due to the continuing drought.

The bureaucrats always try to justify their jobs, usually at the expense of the people they are supposed to serve.

Robert Martin, Loomis


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