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Intensive education needed for mental illnesses

Jenny Williamson is the founder of Courage House, where an anti-Satanic ritual was performed on a teenage girl.
Jenny Williamson is the founder of Courage House, where an anti-Satanic ritual was performed on a teenage girl. Sacramento Bee file

Decades later, the pain lingers

Re “Home for sex victims spoke of battling ‘demonic attacks’ ” (Page 1A, Dec. 18): I live with bipolar disorder and during a traumatic period in my life dissociated as a defense mechanism. I was 15 at the time and nearly 30 years later still suffer nightmares and anxiety attacks. Not because of the bipolar disorder itself, but due to a Pentecostal group of elders laying hands over me, as they spoke in tongues and urged the demon inside me to come out.

Jenny Williamson of Courage House needs to inform herself about mental illness. That she uses the antiquated “multiple disorder” diagnosis tells me she needs intensive education. She’s entitled to pray but not to the detriment of those living with trauma and mental health struggles.

Xiomara Seide, Sacramento

Homeless need housing

Re “To reduce illegal camps in parkway, ranger says citations don’t do much” (Insight, Dec. 20): Chief Ranger Michael Doane was absolutely correct when he was quoted as saying: “Law enforcement can’t solve homelessness. You can’t separate out the fact that there is a segment of the population who does not want to be homeless and have no place to go.”

Housing is the first step to end homelessness. Despite the fact that more than 2,600 people without homes live outdoors in our region, elected officials have taken only minimal steps to deal with the problem. We need an aggressive regional response, and we need it now.

Stephen Green, Fair Oaks

Finally, recognition of fishing

Re “Auburn pro angler reels in 10.8-pound spotted bass, could set record” (Page 1A, Dec. 19): The great outdoors sport of fishing in the Sacramento area finally gets some recognition. There should be a weekly section with all that goes on in this area and in all of California.

We have many fishing tournaments from local leagues such as Future Pro Tour, California Tournament Trail, Wild est Bass, BBT, plus club tournaments and some national tours. Just add up the money spent on fishing with tackle, boats, electronics, gas, lures and the rest of the stuff and you will realize this is no cheapie sport. It has a big impact on the economy of the area and the state. Don’t take my word for it; look at the dollars for yourself and you will see what the impact is.

Jim Meeter, Herald

It’s past time to trade Cousins

Re “Kings should stop babying big man DeMarcus Cousins” (Editorials, Dec. 20): I am in complete agreement with The Bee’s editorial board regarding the Kings’ lack of response to DeMarcus Cousins’ continuing negative behavior and would add the following: Trade him immediately.

Walter Graviet, Sacramento


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