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Concealed carry weapons permit craziness

Concealed carry craziness

Re “Sheriff to streamline process for concealed carry permits” (Page 1A, Dec. 21): It’s not enough that Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones has seen to it that about 8,000 residents have concealed weapons carry permits – more than any California county but two. Now he’s streamlining the process so permits can be granted and renewed more quickly.

On top of this, permit holders will be able to identify five weapons on their permit, up from three. The good sheriff is quoted as saying the changes “simply make the process less onerous.”

Hey, shouldn’t the process be “onerous”? Do we really want more pistol-packing civilians in our midst? Leave the gun toting to trained law enforcement officers.

Robert Irelan, Rancho Murieta

Funding solutions for CalPERS

Re “CalPERS rate cut will raise state, local costs” (Page 1A, Dec. 22): Along with their employers, state and local members of CalPERS will be priced out of the retirement system by increased contribution rates unless they are offered the right to annually elect a benefit formula they can afford. They do that now when they annually select health benefits.

The practice of one benefit formula for all members of a bargaining group for their entire public service is clearly unsustainable. CalPERS must perform its fiduciary duty to administer a sound retirement program by offering real solutions to its self-imposed funding problem, not just unrealistic contribution increases.

Gerald Adams, Sacramento

Educators are to blame? Really

Re “Fake news concerns could lead to assault on free speech” (Viewpoints, Dec. 21): It is so disappointing that George Runner, who raised alarms that fake news could ultimately lead to limiting our free speech, ended his op-ed with the tired tirade that our educators are to blame.

We are committed to teaching critical thinking, evaluating the validity of news sources, and challenging our students to evaluate and understand bias within themselves and within all forms of media. We all have biases and blind spots. I will be sharing yours with my students.

Cheryl Mohr, Sacramento

Dems lose, democracy wins

Re “Podesta deflects blame for defeat” (Viewpoints, Dec. 21): Ruben Navarrette’s column was revealing. Amid all the email intrigue, the arrogant actions by Democrats speak to the degree they attempted to manipulate the selection process.

For good or ill, ultimately the people won. Getting working-class white voters isn’t the answer; letting the people speak and listening is. Ironically, Democrats need to become more democratic.

Eugene King, Sacramento


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