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Letters: Donald Trump cannot lead the nation in 140 characters

Trump cannot lead in 140 characters

Re “Trump-Streep spat fans culture wars” (Insight, Jan. 10): Donald Trump and his fellow Republicans are in the process of creating a billionaire boys club. It is disconcerting that each of the Cabinet members he has selected are in some way or another controversial. Trump’s agenda is nothing more than a four-year business plan. If he wants to run the country as a business, Congress must be the board of directors and must make sure that the stakeholders, us, are protected, or we will see the financial debacle of 2008 all over again.

The day Trump tweets something constructive will be the day I reactivate my Twitter account. Until then, I will take my cues from the media. At least they do not pretend to do their real job 140 characters at a time.

Joel Mark, Carmichael

Trump will test our democracy

Donald Trump’s world is different from that of ordinary people. He believes by restating the truth as he sees it often and loud enough it will change the facts. A case in point: Trump’s tweet response to Meryl Streep’s opinion denouncing his behavior, caught on video, mocking a reporter with disabilities then denying “for the hundredth time” that it’s untrue.

America has had a history of brilliant and experienced men who have served as president. Contrast Trump with no government experience, little knowledge of U.S. or world politics, and who communicates in 140 characters. This man, our next president, spends his time tweeting about the opinions of entertainers and rails at unfair media coverage. Will the House Un-American Activities Committee be reinstated to censure anyone who has opinions that differ from his own?

The leadership of this apprentice over the next four years will test whether America’s democracy and the world as we know it can survive.

Julie A. Stewart, Elk Grove

Trump comes off as a dictator

A president-elect should have more important things to occupy his time than insulting people who criticize or disagree with him. Does he think of himself as a qualified film critic? Trying to silence opposition is the mark of a petty dictator, not a democratically elected leader.

Herbert L. Cohen, Sacramento

Trump’s voters got what they sought

It’s clear that people who voted for Donald Trump believed what they wanted and discarded anything showing him to be unfit. Trump’s faults will continue to undermine his actions. The latest issue facing Trump is a continuation of efforts to reveal damaging events in his past. However, he will have a hard time overcoming the accusations because of his dubious behavior of being untruthful and maligning of critics.

Dan Fong, Rancho Cordova

Deal with it: Trump will be president

Donald Trump is going to be inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States on Jan. 20. All the crying by Democrats isn’t going to stop that fact. California Democrats and silly Hollywood actors should dry their tears. I thought our mommas taught us how to act in public. I know mine is probably crying in her grave.

Leonard R. Cook, West Sacramento

Boomers aren’t all cringeworthy

Re “Millennials won’t be fooled by boomers’ slick videos” (Erika D. Smith, Jan. 10): Erika D. Smith criticizes a promotional video by the “boomer-led” Greater Sacramento Economic Council and the “cringeworthy” efforts of boomers to appeal to millennials.

That must be why boomer-led concerns like Apple, Netflix and Amazon are failing among young people. The video is dorky because it is a limited-budget production on behalf of a smallish city in the middle of California’s vast agricultural heart, not because of the age of anyone involved.

Smith seems to have misappropriated the boomers’ battle cry: Don’t trust anyone over 30.

Thomas Weibel, Carmichael


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