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Remembering K Street pedestrian mall

A child pays on the water structures of the K Street Mall in 1978.
A child pays on the water structures of the K Street Mall in 1978. Sacramento Bee file

Water story along K Street mall

Re “Reimagine a K Street pedestrian mall” (Forum, Feb. 5): Maybe Rob Turner was not old enough to enjoy and remember the “Story of Water” which once flowed along pedestrian K Street. His article reflects only the complaints of some shop owners – “a mall filled with large-scale concrete sculptures.”

That mall featured a small course of water flowing from Macy’s on the west to the Convention Center. En route it illustrated water’s condensation in the Sierra and down through rocky rivers to our plumbing. Artful, but needed tweaking. On a hot August evening back then, my kids and I stopped in downtown for supper, and they delightedly dipped bare feet into the stream to cool off. What a welcoming place!

Some merchants prevailed, however, so the city zapped the art to reinstall trolley tracks and bring people face-to-face with the shops. It hurt as I saw the number of trees decrease.

Dale M. Heckman, Davis

Super Bowl piece hits funny bone

Re “Amazing Super Bowl in the time of Trump” (Editorials, Feb. 5): Some errant editorial writer at The Bee has written an ignorant, sexist, narcissistic diatribe about last Sunday’s Super Bowl ritual. Sad.

No, wait! The editorial is not really a mindless attack on political correctness and (“no talent, loser”) Lady Gaga, nor is the tasteless praise of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s “very hot wife” for real, either. This charming piece is a well-honed parody of our coarsely bloviating, tweet-taunting president! I laughed my something off each time I read it. Not that I ever would resort to grabbing Cheetos on Super Bowl Sunday and rubbing them in my hair, or wherever.

Seriously, though. Thanks to anyone on The Bee’s editorial staff who means to help us keep our sense of humor. There are few services an opinion page could offer right now that matter more than this one.

David Barrett, Sacramento

Defending values is an act of defiance

Re “Standing by your values takes moral courage” (Forum, Feb. 5): Gregory Favre’s article was exceptional. It drove home the significance of Sally Yates’ decision to stand by her values.

Reading about her belief in following the law and the Constitution, and about the reaction to her brave act, reminds us of the sacrifices needed to defend our principles. Yates is a hero.

Eugene King, Sacramento

Calexit bid a waste of time, money

Re “ ‘CalExit’ push is about more than Trump” (Viewpoints, Feb. 5): How ironic and amusing that the progressive left, who have derided and mocked efforts by rural Northern California to form the their own state of Jefferson, are now rallying behind a similar effort at the state level. What a colossal waste of time and, potentially, of money. But hey, don’t let that stop you.

Joseph A. Kelly Jr., Penryn

America doesn’t need a dictator

Re “To resist Trump’s American carnage, it’s all hands on deck” (Editorials, Feb. 5): Someone needs to inform Donald Trump that he was elected president, not dictator, and that he should stop trying to top Russian President Vladimir Putin with his executive orders and shabby treatment of the American people.

Also, his confrontations with other world leaders could lead to serious consequences for the United States.

Gene Martineau, Roseville


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