Letters to the Editor

Have we become a nation of bullies?

Bully nation

Re “Trump pushes aside Montenegro leader - who calls it natural” sacbee.com, May 25): Crushing handshakes. A candidate for Congress body slamming a reporter. Encouraging violence at political rallies. Pushing a NATO member aside to get in front of the TV cameras. Are we now a nation of bullies? Is this the role model for our children?

Joyce Hassan Williams, Sacramento

Our president

What has America become when a third of our voters support a bully of a president who applauded interference in his election and kowtows to despots. He stupidly scolds our friends and exposes their intelligence secrets, installs his children and unqualified friends in the White House, submits a budget that robs from the poor and embarrasses us with antics such as shoving another leader. No real patriot could support such a presidnet. What in the world is wrong with us?

Nora J. Coryell, Jackson

Support Gianforte

Greg Gianforte, the candidate who shoved a member of the mean, biased, socialist media, deserves support. I can think of several members of the media who deserve a good shove. Since I am a grandmother, I would just be able to smack them in their mean mouths.

Sue Whitehorn, Carmichael

Crazy Democrats

Re “No funding plan doesn’t stop lawmakers from moving health care bill along” (sacbee.com, May 25): Just when I thought California legislators couldn't get more out of control, a Senate committee approved a universal health care bill that would cost $400 billion, with no idea how to pay for it. What if I like my doctor? Can I keep him? What if I like my health plan? Can I keep it? Oh, my rates won't go up? Sure. California is becoming a state less controlled by voters, and more controlled by legislator's who claim they know what's best for us. As a conservative it has always been tough to live in liberal California, but unless you are very rich or very poor it is becoming undesirable.

Dave Putman, Citrus Heights

Lying politician

Re “Jerry Brown rightly tags anti-tax motorists as freeloaders” (Dan Walters, May 26): I can remember when the freeway opened between Santa Rosa and Healdsburg in the 1950. The speed limit was 75. Jerry Brown is a typical politician, never telling the entire truth. Why was not the carbon tax on motor fuels assigned to repair the highways? Vehicle owners can do nothing to reduce their carbon foot print. Personal transportation is here to stay. It is criminal not to have necessary roadways for these vehicles to operate. Carbon emissions increase in gridlock traffic. The less time spent on the freeways will result in lower carbon emissions.

Albert F. Kammerer, Sacramento

Mortgage deduction

Re “See which Californians get the most out of mortgage interest tax break” (sacbee.com, May 26): Home values since 1995 have only increased by 30 percent. How did this happen? Simple, this is the old flat tax rational once again is shown to only help the wealthy. Yes, we have a flat tax in reverse. A flat tax Refund.

The current administration is suggesting getting rid of mortgage deduction for second homes. I would like to see it go further. The mortgage deduction should be allowed on the value of a home up to a home price of the medium value in the owner's area.

The self serving doom circulated by Realtor Organizations that it will depress the market is way too much baloney. It will open it up to much more affordable lower priced properties.

Richard Kuechle, Lincoln


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