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Letters: Family leave + Las Vegas shooting + Longer sentences + Tom McClintock

Family leave

Re “Union power on display in California’s just-completed legislative session” (sacbee.com, Sept. 18): We hope Gov. Jerry Brown signs Senate Bill 63 into law. It would expand California’s unpaid leave law, and ensure that more employees who use California’s paid family leave program would be guaranteed job protection. Small Business Majority’s polling found 70 percent of small businesses nationwide are in favor of legislation such as SB 63. Small employers know it makes good business sense to take care of their employees.

Mark Herbert, Sacramento

Crowded theater

Re “Las Vegas shooting must, finally, stir Congress to act. But will it? (Editorials, Oct. 3): Say there's a fire in a crowded movie theater, and people get burned and trampled to death because there were no fire sprinklers and exit doors were locked. Everybody says: “We have to let the families of the victims grieve. This is not the time to talk about fire safety and building codes.” No. Nobody would ever say that.

Richard Vidan, Orangevale

Stiffer penalties

While I concur that sensible measures can be taken to limit the availability of certain lethal firearms, they will be meaningless without consequences for those who break the law. Unless there are mandatory penalties for anyone convicted of illegally possessing, using, modifying or selling firearms or ammunition, any gun control measures will be largely ineffective.

Joe Selewicz, Sacramento

Sick mind

President Donald Trump talked about stopping American carnage. He ought to start by banning war weapons which do not belong in civilian hands. Double-barreled shotguns and single shot rifles with magazines of no more than 4 rounds are the only weapons we need to hunt. Everything else is made for killing people. Leadership on this issue should come from our local congressman, Rep. Tom McClintock, R-Elk Grove. Unfortunately, the National Rifle Association owns him. McClintock is for unfettered gun ownership, but against the Affordable Healthcare Act. This is a sick mind.

John Garon, Placerville


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