Letters to the Editor

Letters: Constantly suing Donald Trump won’t win elections

GOP tax plan

Re “Trump to make final pitch for GOP tax plan” (sacbee.com, Dec. 11): The GOP tax bill would explode the deficit and lead to the biggest redistribution of wealth to the upper class in history. Leading economists warn that the measure would create the same conditions that led to the Great Depression. States like California would be punished. Wealthy GOP donors would be rewarded. New tax loopholes would be created (for owners of private planes) while teachers and college students would lose longstanding deductions for buying supplies for students and paying college loans. The bill was pushed through without hearings at a frenzied pace. But GOP donors would be rewarded so who cares about campaign promises Trump and the GOP made to the middle class? Take note for the 2018 mid-term elections.

Linda Bond,

El Dorado Hills

Carbon emissions

Re “Southern California wildfires update: Fire, evacuation maps and latest info” (sacbee.com, Dec. 11): The fires are horrible, and they will get worse in the future with global warming and climate change. It is unlikely we will limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius unless we take decisive action. We need a fine on greenhouse gas emissions that will pay all our federal, state, county and city taxes. The fine would be imposed on coal, oil and natural gas as it comes out of the ground or is imported into the U.S.

That might take the price of gasoline above $25 a gallon, but if we are serious, we need a fine. Some will say “but poor people won’t be able to afford to drive to work.” The government can give them a credit card to pay for commuting and subsidize housing so they can live closer.

Bruce Burdick, Carmichael

A losing strategy

Re “17 ways California sued the Trump administration in 2017” (sacbee.com, Dec. 11): The Democratic meltdown and temper tantrums continue. Twenty-two lawsuits and counting. When you can’t win elections, just sue and waste time and money tying up the courts. Wow, what a winning strategy that is. The party of “no” always goes low. They can’t “resist” the pettiness.

John Kerhlikar,

Shingle Springs


Re “As temperatures plummet, homeless guests enter newly opened winter ‘triage’ shelter“ (sacbee.com, Dec 8): Homelessness is a very big issue in Sacramento, especially for those who are living on the streets and have no family that will take them in. I think that the money being committed to mental illness and addiction is excellent. I don’t think the using shelters continuously will benefit the homeless in the long run. They’re going to need more programs that help them find jobs that pay them enough for rent. And they’re going to need affordable housing. This shelter is temporary. If it’s not successful in getting many people off the streets, they will have nowhere to go. If they have no family to take them in and can’t afford housing, they’ll return to the same conditions they were in before. I think there needs to be more resources and programs that are effective.

Annie Thurman,