Letters to the Editor

Letters: Every neighborhood in Sacramento should have a homeless shelter

Homeless shelters

Sacramento wants to build large homeless shelters. But these key sites face opposition” (sacbee.com, June 30): Gina Knepp, manager of the Front Street animal shelter, expressed my sentiments exactly when she said, “the burden of caring for poor people should be spread across the city.“ A shelter should be in every community that has a homeless population, including Land Park, East Sac and many others. Many of us encounter homeless people every day. Sometimes we attempt to help them by handing over a dollar or two, and other times we avert our eyes and avoid them because their presence makes us uncomfortable. Neither approach helps to solve the bigger problem, but shelters that offer our homeless Sacramentans safety, healthy food, a clean bed and access to many resources are in the works in Sacramento. We simply need to support them going forward.

Theresa DeFazio-DaRosa, Sacramento

Ditch time change

California voters will decide fate of daylight saving time” (sacbee.com, June 28): The time needs to be set so we do not have the extra daylight in the summer months because of the heat. Extra light causes you to run your air conditioner longer and have energy power bills, which retirees on fixed incomes can't afford. This puts an extra burden on our power grid, which can eventually cause power outages or brown outs.

Gary A Sodervick, North Highlands

‘Sad day’ for health

California bans local soda taxes through 2030 to avert industry-backed initiative” (sacbee.com, June 28): Thursday was a very sad day for the health of Californians and the state budget. Soda is a leading cause of many chronic health conditions, including obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Soda taxes result in a reduction of consumption – a 21 percent decrease in Berkeley. Furthermore, the state is a large payer of the health care for these conditions through its Medi-Cal program. Many enrollees suffer from obesity and diabetes, meaning that soda use is a major cost driver in the state budget. I can only hope that health groups sponsor a statewide initiative to increase the tax, use that tax for health purposes, and save the state money.

Stan Rosenstein, Davis

Wrong on soda tax

This law takes the Rotten Fish of the Year Award. Thanks to a self-serving Legislature and a collaborative Gov. Brown, the right of the people of this state to vote on local taxation of an unhealthful product was taken away. The fault for this deal, which led to this law, lies not with the beverage industry, as Sen. Scott Wiener asserts, but with those whose campaigns have benefited most from the contributions of organized labor. Our state government leaders complain consistently about an overarching federal government that is trampling states' rights, and I agree with that. But look what those same leaders just did to local government's rights.

Robert A. Dell'Agostino, Sacramento

Internet privacy

Sweeping California consumer privacy bill approved by Jerry Brown” (sacbee.com, June 28): Had Mr. Mactaggart not done what he did with his initiative, the government would not have done what it did to create a hurried bill to partially contain the internet goons violating everyone's privacy. The bill has been described as a watered down version of the initiative. Given that the bill doesn't take effect until 2020, it can only be imagined how much more “watering down" will take place by the time the government and special interest groups finish with it. An initiative requires a two-thirds vote in the Legislature to alter it. The bill signed by Brown doesn't. I do wish Mr. Mactaggart would have taken his initiative over the finish line.

John Franks, Sacramento

No empathy left

Meet a local immigrant family. They’re legal, and Trump still split them up” (sacbee.com, June 24): I grow weary from being referred to as “one of those liberals” when I talk about my very pro-immigrant views. But after reading Sasha Abramsky’s piece, I could see how the term “bleeding heart liberal” applies. In the story, I had a lot of empathy for Amado Gomez Renderos until I learned he just received his fifth DUI. Abramsky minimized the severity of these offenses as he focused on the injustice and suffering that the 10-month imprisonment by ICE caused the couple. Abramsky’s outrage got overshadowed by the outrage I felt upon learning Amado originally faced only two days in jail or a fine for his fifth DUI. I wondered about all the drivers who might have escaped an accident when Amado drove under the influence. Unfortunately, at that point, I didn't have much empathy left for the family's immigration battle. Perhaps, he could have chosen a different story.

Bonnie Jacobson, Sacramento

ICE agents not ‘evil’

Mr. Abramsky does a very good job of humanizing the subject of his piece. However, the statement, “but these days the feds pretty much never back off an opportunity to humiliate and inflict pain on impoverished immigrants,” is petty and prejudiced. I doubt Mr. Abramsky has any idea of what motivates the people charged with enforcing the laws. I doubt he knows any of them, or that he attempted to talk with any of them prior to writing. We are all lucky that Mr. Gomez Renderos did not injure or kill anyone when he decided to drive while impaired. Perhaps these government employees were doing their jobs, trying to enforce the laws of the United States and not just being evil.

Kurt Blackwelder, Rocklin

‘Radical left’ march

Protesters block downtown streets during rally against Trump’s immigration policies” (sacbee.com, June 30): These marchers should get their facts straight. Obama separated children from their parents. Abolish ICE? Now that is stupid. The radical leftists pushing these marches are just Socialists who advocate big government control and higher taxes to pay for freebies. Nothing comes free. Everyone would eventually pay.

Sue Whitehorn,


Migrants in Yolo

“‘I don’t think children should be in jail’: Why does Yolo do it?” (Marcos Breton, July 1): Marcos Breton posits: “What has become of the nation of immigrants?” No. What has become the nation of legal immigrants?

Mark Roberts, Loomis

Missing Christians

New rallying call for 2020 Democrats: 'Abolish ICE’” (sacbee.com, June 29): “Abolish ICE” does serve as a cry for progressives, but should it not serve as a rallying cry for others as well? Isn’t the mistreatment of immigrants at our southern border a “pro-life” or a “pro-family values” issue as well? We've seen the Women’s March, the March for Our Lives march and the March for Science. But where are the Franklin Grahams, Ralph Reeds, Joel Olsteens and Pat Robertsons? Their voices would be natural to protest the mistreatment of immigrant families seeking to escape MS-13. If ever there was a ready-made rallying cry for evangelical Christian, Catholic and Mormon leadership, it is this issue.

Maurice Rasmussen,


Fight for high court

In fight for Kennedy Supreme Court seat, Democrats largely powerless” (sacbee.com, June 27): I flat out disagree that Democrats are powerless to stop a Trump nominee to the Supreme Court. They can start by challenging the legality of any Trump nomination while he’s being investigated for conspiring with an adversarial foreign government to alter the outcome of a U.S. election. The argument would be: Trump shouldn’t get a Supreme Court nomination because eventually the high court will have before them many issues related to the investigation. That appointee would surely have to recuse him or herself.

Richard Nano, Roseville

‘Traitor” Trump

Putin, Trump to hold summit in Helsinki on July 16” (sacbee.com, June 28): The definition of a traitor: Giving aid and comfort to our enemy. We were attacked by Russia during the 2016 presidential elections via cyber warfare. That is a proven fact and every one but Trump knows it. He continues to assert that Russia denies doing it. He refuses to take any action to stop Russia from attacking us again. He continues to seek ways to help Russia get back into the G7. He continues to attack the special counsel’s investigation into Russian meddling. If all that is not treason, what is it?

Harry Cowan,

Mount Aukum