Letters to the Editor

Letters: Failure to defend our democracy is unpatriotic

We’re not fine

“Election security measure divides Congress” (The Sacramento Bee, section 9A, July 26): Ouch! The intelligence community said it. Special Counsel Robert Mueller said it. FBI Director Christopher Wray said it. The Senate Intelligence Committee report said it. They all say our 2016 election was hacked and attacked, and it’s still going on. Sen. Mitch McConnell says we’re fine and don’t need to update our election security laws. He says the feds don’t need to do more to support the states in securing our elections. Failure to defend our democracy is unpatriotic, and it is a failure to fulfill his oath to the Constitution. Whomever was helped or hurt in 2016, there are no guarantees who the target(s) will be next time. Do something!

Karen Ives,


Do they get it?

In major coup against Trump, Gov. Gavin Newsom strikes climate change deal with carmakers” (sacbee.com, July 25): “The world gets it and these automobile makers get it as well,” Gov. Gavin Newsom said. My question is: If automobile makers get it, why is there a need for a “breakthrough agreement” to restrict greenhouse gas emissions? If they get it, wouldn’t they automatically do it?

John Hightower,


It’s just for hipsters

Scooters can help Sacramento’s traffic and air. Are you riding them correctly?” (sacbee.com, July 25): More regressive waste of resources in what is fast becoming some third-world campground.The “start-ups” that created these Jump bikes really know how to get others to do their work.Using police officers to hand out leaflets and safety advice to a mostly adult crowd. Essentially, it is an annoying form of transportation for doofus hipsters and progressive types to tout as some mysterious solution to global warming. Besides, when the last taxpayer leaves Sacramento, who is really going to pay for these programs? Maybe the California attorney general can sue God for the weather. That would be some payout. Or maybe relocate the State Capitol to, say, Mars, perhaps.

Andrew Mattson,


Give us solar rights

Gavin Newsom unveils $24 billion plan to tackle wildfires, PG&E bankruptcy” (sacbee.com, June 25): All these power outages, and neither the utilities nor politicians have any solution except “be prepared.” It’s odd no one is talking about helping more people make and store solar energy at home. It’s the only solution that allows people to both keep their lights on and reduce their burden on an overburdened grid. Instead, California utilities lobbied to kill the “Solar Bill of Rights,” which would have ended utility attacks on solar, including red tape and discriminatory fees. Lawmakers stood aside. Will Gov. Gavin Newsom step in and defend solar from utility attacks? Stay tuned.

Lee Miller,


We need a change

During testimony, local Congressman Tom McClintock questioned Special Counsel Robert Mueller predictably. He never challenged the evidence or attempt to question any elements of the crimes contained in the report. He made a pointless ad-hominem attack on a man whose history and reputation far exceed his own. McClintock chose a style of attack that is preferred by current-day Republicans: unseemly, churlish and unnecessary. Questioning the integrity and honor of Mueller was rude and silly. Challenging the evidence would have been worthwhile and possibly valuable. McClintock offered no facts, unlike the report, to support his comments. It appears fruitless to expect him or any of his cohorts to contribute anything more useful to the those they represent. Time for a change.

Lynne Roberts,


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