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A miracle on climate change

A miracle on climate change

Re “Pope calls for unity in Capitol address” (Page 1A, Sept. 25): It seems like a miracle. Within the past week we’ve seen 11 House Republicans submit a resolution highlighting the need for action on climate change, the pope calling for the same in a speech at the White House, and China announcing a carbon cap-and-trade system.

China is now ahead of the U.S. in tackling climate change, but with these calls to action from House Republicans and the pope, perhaps we won’t be far behind in putting our own price on carbon emissions. As he said, it’s our moral obligation to address this problem that particularly threatens the world’s poor and our kids and grandkids.

Dana Nuccitelli,

West Sacramento

Very puzzled by faulty logic

Re “Forgetting pope’s area of expertise” (Letters, Sept. 24): According to John Paul’s view, if my doctor recommends a choice of treatments for an ailment, I am not qualified to decide because I am not a doctor. Nor since I am not a contractor, can I decide if a licensed contractor recommendation is valid. Nor can I base my view of climate change based on hundreds of scientific studies that prove the problem.

This logic leaves me completely puzzled.

Gary Miller, Sacramento

Facts on vaccine are clear

Re “Vaccine law foes enter key stretch” (Insight, Sept. 24): Adam Cobarrubio is incorrect when he said, “We don’t know all the facts about it.” He may not know, but the facts are there. All he would have to do is educate himself. If I told the retired maintenance manager that I had decided to never oil bearings again because I didn’t know all the facts about maintenance, I would hope he would support my ignorance.

Calvin D. Nourse,


Homeowners group messed up

Re “Homeowners association loses” (Page 1A, Sept. 23): Fixing the chair lift at the pool would have cost a lot less than the six figures awarded to homeowners Allen and Cynthia Campbell.

When members of the Sonora Springs Homeowners Association are billed a special assessment to cover this award and attorney fees, then they will realize they should have intervened four years ago to settle the matter. Shame on all of them.

Ilinka Meglemre,

Sutter Creek


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