Letters to the Editor

Homeless camps, daylight saving, mass shooting

Seattle camps won’t work here

Re “Capital leaders look to Seattle for ideas on encampments” (Page 1A, Feb. 25): The front-page photo of the Seattle camp for homeless resembles the favelas of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Seattle says it is limited in size, has a service provider, prohibits alcohol or drugs, and provides security. However, many of the homeless will not live somewhere that places restrictions on their lifestyle, and they will continue to camp elsewhere.

Sacramento should not open this door that will lead to further lawsuits by the homeless and by residents who will have to live near the camps. The homeless are either trapped in or chose this lifestyle. City camps are not the answer.

Tom Smithson, Fair Oaks

Time change is a nuisance

Re “Daylight saving time could end in California” (Capitol & California, Feb. 25): Daylight saving time is a destructive nuisance. It throws off one’s circadian rhythm and causes more sleep-deprived people to have accidents at work and on the roadways. I find myself saying: “It’s really such and such a time,” over and over for two or three weeks after the time change.

I used to live in Arizona, where there is no daylight saving time, and it was wonderful not having that strain on my body and mind plus the annoyance of changing all the clocks in the house, my wristwatch and the car clock twice a year.

Pat Garlinghouse, Rancho Murieta

Don’t accept shakedown

Re “The full cost of the Yosemite shakedown” (Editorials, Feb. 26): I applaud The Sacramento Bee’s condemnation of Delaware North demanding more than $50 million for the “naming rights” at Yosemite National Park.

Yosemite belongs to the people, and they need to demand this wealthy company drop its demand for compensation.

Those troubled by this shakedown should send Delaware North a message that they will refuse to patronize the company’s venues. To see a map of where these venues are across the U.S., go to: www.delawarenorth.com/venues.

Just remember, we get what we accept. Don’t support these corporate giants that are too big to care.

Chuck Robuck, Newcastle

Have we become numb?

Re “Kansas shooting leaves at least 4 dead, 20 to 30 hurt,” (Page 12A, Feb. 26): Another day, another mass shooting. Have these horrific events become so routine that they don’t rate front-page coverage?

Dana Hirschel, Elk Grove


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